1st Edition

Human Predators And Prey Mortality

By Mary Stiner Copyright 1991
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

     Drawing from a wide variety of human societies and prey species, this book seeks to validate the importance of mortality studies for understanding modern and prehistoric human ecology. In a presentation that sets out to be both methodologically and theoretically innovative, the contributors combine archaeological and actualistic approaches with se

    Introduction: Actualistic and Archaeological Studies of Prey Mortality -- Hunting Strategies, Prey Behavior and Mortality Data -- Taphonomy and Early Hominid Behavior: Problems in Distinguishing Cultural and Non-Cultural Agents -- Examining and Refining the Quadratic Crown Height Method of Age Estimation -- Procurement Technology and Prey Mortality Among Indigenous Neotropical Hunters -- Nonselective Small Game Hunting Strategies: An Ethnoarchaeological Study of Aka Pygmy Sites -- Prey Size and Age Models of Prehistoric Hominid Scavenging: Test Cases from the Serengeti -- An Interspecific Perspective on the Emergence of the Modern Human Predatory Niche -- Subsistence Change and Pinniped Hunting -- Thule Eskimo Subsistence and Bowhead Whale Procurement -- Seasonality Studies and Paleoindian Subsistence Strategies