Human Resource Management in Hospitality Cases  book cover
1st Edition

Human Resource Management in Hospitality Cases

ISBN 9780815378020
Published July 9, 2020 by Routledge
308 Pages 76 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Human Resource Management in Hospitality Cases adopts a practical case-based approach to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in future hospitality managers. Using tried-and-tested real-life scenarios, this book thoroughly prepares hospitality students for a career in the field.

Chapters are comprised of 75 short vignettes, split into nine sections that reflect and cover the primary challenges facing hospitality managers on a daily basis, including leadership credibility, building and managing employee performance, managing a diverse workforce, dealing with problem behaviors, and many others, all contextualised within the hospitality industry. With a main "think point" and series of questions for each case, the book is a highly insightful and engaging read. Suggested answers and solutions to the questions can be found within the extensive online resources that complement the book. Each section is also contextualized and theorized with an additional reading section, organized by key concept.

This book will be essential for all students of hospitality and an invaluable resource for current practitioners in the field as well.

Table of Contents


Case Presentation Styles

Matrix of Cases & Subjects

The Royal Hotel

Dealing with Employee Problems and Problem Employees – A General Guideline

Part 1 - Meeting Human Resources Requirements

1. The Organizational Chart

2. Red Flags

3. Candidate Screening

4. Generations in The Workplace

5. The Left-Handed Server

6. The On-Line Dirt

7. Friendships at Work

8. The Incomplete Schedule

9. The Bartender’s Break

Part 2 - Building Your Leadership Credibility

10. Kitchen Camaraderie

11. Off-The-Record

12. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

13. The Flashbacks

14. The Morning Fun

15. The Juice Squeezer

16. The Service Elevator

17. Claudia’s Training Assignment

18. The Six Leadership Styles

Part 3 - Building and Managing Performance

19. Sorry, I Don’t Drink!

20. Oops

21. Tyler The Overnight Houseman

22. Gentle Hints

23. The Slacker

24. Jasmine’s Appraisal

Part 4 - Encouraging Others

25. I Am Just A Part-Timer

26. Housekeeping Guest Satisfaction Scores

27. The Dead-Ender

28. Tainted Occupations

29. The Gm’s Morning Round

30. The Chef’s Incentive Program

Part 5 - Dealing with Problem Behaviors

A. Behaviors Promoted by Passive/Defensive Cultures

31. Peter Is the Nicest Manager!

32. The "Invisible" Accounting Clerk

33. The Wishy-Washy Manager

34. I Was Just Kidding!

35. Did You Hear What Lori Did Last Night?

B. Behaviors Promoted by Aggressive/Defensive Cultures

36. It Won’t Work!

37. That Just How the Chef Is!

38. The Expert

39. Jeff, You Test My Patience!

40. The Perfect Change of Light Bulbs

41. The "Bleeding Heart" Of the Hotel

42. Breaking Down the Barriers

Part 6 - Taking Corrective Actions

43. Choosing the Right Level of Discipline

44. Emily’s Letters

45. Toby’s Silence

46. Investigation

47. Make an Exception

Part 7 - When Employees Are Challenging Your Leadership

48. I Have Plans for Tonight

49. The Tipping Issue

50. That’s Not My Job!

51. They Can Wait!

52. Barbara Is Going Over My Head

53. I Am Just Not Comfortable Talking to You!

54. I Don’t Have Time to Talk to You

55. I Know My Stuff!

56. He Couldn’t Find His Office Without A Map!

Part 8 - Relationship with Your Boss

57. My Way or The Highway

58. The Buffet Set-Up

59. Lipstick on the Glass

60. Alison, the Credit Manager

61. The New Table Pick-Up System

62. The Missing Cancellation Clause

Part 9 - Managing a Diverse Workforce

63. Why Diversity Matters

64. The Levels of Exclusion

65. Please Hire Him, He Is Like Me!

66. English Only

67. Can I Have Another Boss Please?

68. Can I Have Another Server Please?

69. The Cake Order

70. I Am Not Your Slave!

71. Name Calling

72. A Strong Accent

73. The Empty Conference Room

74. Special Skills

75. People Like Yuan

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Peter Szende has over 25 years of management experience in the hospitality industry in both Europe and North America. He joined Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration as a faculty member in 2003. Between 2016–2019, he served as the associate dean of academic affairs at Boston University. Currently, Peter is programme lead in hospitality management at Oxford Brookes Business School in the UK. Dr. Szende received a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Grant in 2014.

Suzanne Markham Bagnera has over 20 years of hospitality management experience followed by over 15 years of higher education experience. She joined the faculty at Boston University, School of Hospitality Administration in 2015. In 2019, she was promoted to chair of undergraduate programs and is presently ranked as a clinical assistant professor. Dr. Bagnera received the Lamp of Knowledge Award for being an Outstanding US Educator in 2016 from the American Hotel Lodging Educational Institute.

Danielle Clark Cole is the director of human resources at Trillium Brewing Company in Boston. She is a graduate of the Boston University School of Hospitality Administration and has human resources leadership experience in both Massachusetts and Hawaii at both union and non-union properties.


‘As a hospitality and culinary educator, it’s great to see a book that is focused on the specific needs of our industry, rather than one that uses generic scenarios. The vignette approach allows for the discussion of relevant cases, rather than just stating theory. A welcome addition to the limited body of knowledge related to human resources in the hospitality industry.’

Samuel Glass M.Ed CEC CCE AAC, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, Canada


'A timely book that focused on applied skills needed to address today's complex issues within the hospitality and tourism industry. The ‘Think Point’ sections highlight authentic hospitality and tourism examples and/or cases to challenge students to think critically and creatively. Students will be motivated to use complex leadership behaviors to demonstrate a mastery of knowledge and key concepts. Future hospitality leaders will be made from the exposure of this textbook.'

James Arthur Williams, University of Tennessee, USA


‘Hospitality leaders know the greatest challenge the industry faces is in human resources, including talent acquisition, management, and retention. The need to assure Hospitality Management graduates attain the skills and knowledge required to manage human resources is high. This is an overdue teaching resource that will improve instruction - providing real-life cases students need to solidify understanding and strengthen management skills.’

James Griffin Ed.D, College of Hospitality Management, Johnson & Wales University, USA