1st Edition

Human Resources and Change Management for Safety Professionals

    574 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The goal of this book is to prepare safety and health professionals to recognize and address human resource issues, applicable laws and regulations, as well as change management techniques used to alter the safety culture within their operations. This book will provide awareness to avoid or address HR related policies/issues/laws which can result in costly litigation, grievances, and other negative implications. The book will address the "pitfalls" for safety professionals to avoid as well as provide the methodology to attain the cultural change necessary to achieve and maintain safety performance.


    • Prepares safety professionals how to avoid or address HR issues and laws
    • Provides awareness of applicable labor and employment laws and regulations
    • Covers change management skills applicable to the safety function
    • Enables the safety professional to recognize legal requirements from everyday questions asked by employees
    • Helps safety professionals to prevent becoming entangled in legal issues resulting from their actions or inactions

    HR function and interaction with Safety & Health Professional. Understanding Labor and Employment Law and Regulations. HR in a Union Environment. Collective Bargaining and Impact on the Safety Function. HR and Safety in a Non-Union Environment. Applicable Federal and State laws. OSHA and Other Laws and Regulations. Discipline and Termination in Safety. Common HR Errors by Safety Professionals. Change Management Concepts. Change Management and Safety. Changing the Safety Culture. Americans with Disabilities Act. EEOC Guidelines. Family and Medical Leave Act. Anti-Discrimination Laws. GINA. Pregnancy Discrimination. Applicable State laws. Other laws and regulations.


    Thomas D. Schneid is the Chair of the Department of Safety and Security and a tenured professor in the School of Safety, Security and Emergency Management in the college of Justice and Safety at Eastern Kentucky University. In his 25 years at EKU, Tom has served in many capacities including Chair of the Department of Safety and Security, interim chair for SSEM Graduate Studies and Research; graduate program director for the online and on campus Master of Science degree in Safety, Security and Emergency Management; Coordinator of the Fire and Safety Engineering program; and SSEM Career and Cooperative Education Coordinator.

    Tom has worked in the safety and human resource fields for over 30 years at various levels including corporate safety director and industrial relations director. In Tom’s legal practice, he has represented numerous corporations in OSHA and labor related litigations throughout the United States. Tom has earned a B.S. in education, M.S. and CAS in safety as well as his Juris Doctor (J.D. in law) from West Virginia University and LL.M. (Graduate Law) from the University of San Diego. Tom is a member of the bar for the U.S. Supreme Court, 6th Circuit Court of Appeals and a number of federal districts as well as the Kentucky and West Virginia Bar.

    Shelby L. Schneid – Human Resource Specialist, Smuckers’ Inc. –B.A. in Communications from Eastern Kentucky University, M.S. in Human Resources and Change Management, University of Central Florida, Currently completing the M.S. in Safety, Security and Emergency Management degree at Eastern Kentucky university.

    Shelby is a leader of her generation, having her bachelors in public relations, masters in management, concentrating in human resources and change management, and masters in safety security and emergency management all at the mere age of 23. She has published several articles in the field of human resources and safety, but has launched her own lifestyle blog, with a section for the business minded. She has had experience in the pharmaceutical, safety and human resource fields working with companies such as Siemens and Smucker’s.