1st Edition

Human Rights, Tribal Movements and Violence Tribal Tenacity in the Twenty-first Century in Central Eastern India

By Debasree De Copyright 2023

    This book sheds light on the issues of structural violence perpetrated against the tribes and analyzes the infringement of human rights of the tribes in the neo-liberal hegemonic context, due to which the tribes are going through massive upheaval – induced displacement and dispossession from livelihood. They are unable to advance their existentialist interests and fulfil their aspirations, because of which they are taking recourse to extremism and get caught into the battle of state sponsored militia and forces on the one hand, and the extremists on the other.

    The mechanism of structural violence is embedded in the global capitalism, which has its roots in colonialism and imperialism. Tribal movements of the central-eastern India, inspired by human rights exigencies, are up against this imperial project that violates the trajectories of state-led development initiatives for the reason that these movements have been brutally suppressed by the military forces. This has given a political impetus to the tribes for self-assertion. Similarly, tribal activism in the central-eastern India during the twenty-first century addresses the issue of violence in nature and the infringement of human rights in the context of development-induced displacement and the spread of extremism. The book is based on the collection of data from the field investigations done during the last seven years, and it will definitely fill the vacuum in the history of tribal movements in the neo-liberal era.

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    1. Fight for Human Rights: Tribal Movements in Jharkhand

    2. Fight against the Mugging of the Multinationals and National Corporates: Tribal Movements

    in Odisha

    3. Fighting the Structural Violence: Tribal Movements in Madhya Pradesh

    4. Fight inside the Red Corridor: Tribal Movements in Chhattisgarh






    Debasree De is Assistant Professor, Department of History, Maharaja Sris Chandra College, Kolkata, West Bengal. She has done her Ph.D. and Post Doctorate from Jadavpur University. Her publications include, A History of Adivasi Women in Post-Independence Eastern India, Gandhi and Adivasis; article in Economic & Political Weekly, South Asia Research, Community Development Journal, and others.