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Human Rights and International Law

About the Series

This series explores human right law's place within the international legal order, offering much-needed interdisciplinary and global perspectives on human rights' increasingly central role in the development and implementation of international law and policy.

Human Rights and International Law is committed to providing critical and contextual accounts of human rights' relationship with international law theory and practice. To achieve this, volumes in the series will focus on major debates in the field, looking at how human rights impacts on areas as diverse and divisive as security, terrorism, climate change, refugee law, migration, bioethics, natural resources and international trade.

Exploring the interaction, interrelationship and potential conflicts between human rights and other branches of international law, books in the series will address both historical development and contemporary contexts, before outlining the most urgent questions facing scholars and policy makers today.

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Human Rights and Development in International Law

Human Rights and Development in International Law

1st Edition

By Tahmina Karimova
May 04, 2016

This book addresses the legal issues raised by the interaction between human rights and development in contemporary international law. In particular, it charts the parameters of international law that states have to take into account in order to protect human rights in the process of development. ...

Human Rights and Charity Law International Perspectives

Human Rights and Charity Law: International Perspectives

1st Edition

By Kerry O'Halloran
March 30, 2016

The 60 or so nations that subscribe to the common law tradition had for centuries broadly accepted the same legal definitions of what constitutes a charity. In recent years, however, a number of countries have embarked on charity law reform processes, designed to strengthen the regulatory framework...

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