2nd Edition

Human Sexuality Biological, Psychological, and Cultural Perspectives

    596 Pages
    by Routledge

    596 Pages
    by Routledge

    This groundbreaking second edition of Human Sexuality continues its broad and interdisciplinary goal of providing readers with a comprehensive overview on sexuality as a core part of our individual identities and social lives.

    Edited by anthropological experts on the subject, this unique textbook integrates evolutionary and cultural aspects to provide a fully interdisciplinary approach to human sexuality that is rare in this area of scholarship. Fully updated throughout in line with developments in the field, this second edition includes fresh material exploring new sexual identities, sexual violence and consent, Internet pornography, conversion therapy, polyamory, and much more. In addition to providing a rich array of photographs, illustrations, tables, and a glossary of terms, this textbook explores:

      • pregnancy and childbirth as a bio-cultural experience
      • life-course issues related to gender identity, sexual orientations, behaviors, and lifestyles
      • socioeconomic, political, historical, and ecological influences on sexual behavior
      • early childhood sexuality, puberty, and adolescence
      • birth control, fertility, conception, and sexual differentiation
      • HIV infection, AIDS, AIDS globalization, and sex work.

    Utilizing viewpoints across cultural and national boundaries and taking into account the evolution of human anatomy, sexual behavior, attitudes, and beliefs across the globe, Human Sexuality, Second Edition, remains an essential text for educators and students who wish to understand human sexuality in all of its richness and complexity.

    1. Introduction  2. Biological, Psychological, and Cultural Approaches  3. The Evolutionary History of Human Sexuality  4. Introduction to the Hormonal Basis of Modern Human Sexuality  5. Modern Human Male Anatomy and Physiology  6. Modern Human Female Anatomy and Physiology  7. Fertility, Conception, and Sexual Differentiation  8. Birth Control, Abortion, and Methods of Birth Control in Cross-Cultural Contexts  9. Pregnancy and Childbirth  10. Sexuality through the Life Stages, Part I: Early Childhood Sexuality  11. Sexuality through the Life Stages: Part II: Puberty and Adolescence  12. Sexuality through the Life Stages: Part III: Adult Sexuality  13. Sexuality through the Life Stages: Part IV: Sexuality and Aging  14. Sexual Identities, Preferences, and Behaviors  15. Sex, Sexuality, and Gender  16. Sexual Health: HIV, AIDS, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases  17. Global Aspects of Sex and Sexuality  18. Summary and Conclusion


    Anne Bolin, PhD, is a professor emerita from Elon University, diplomate with the American Board of Sexology, a certified sex researcher, and former co-chair/co-founder of the Human Sexuality and Anthropology Interest Group.

    Patricia Whelehan, PhD, CST, CAC-CA, NY, is a professor emerita from SUNY Potsdam, a certified HIV Test Counselor in California and New York, and a certified sex therapist, mentor, diplomate, and clinical supervisor with the American Board of Sexology.

    Muriel Vernon, PhD, is an assistant professor of anthropology from Elon University. She is the founder of followthefuture.org and currently specializes in cellular agriculture education.

    Katja Antoine, PhD, is Program and Research Developer at the UCLA Center for the Study of Women.

    "An awesome examination of human sexuality, encompassing biological, social, psychological, cultural, and global perspectives. The book’s comprehensive scope captures every aspect of human sexuality from its mammalian beginnings, including human physiology, sexual practices, sex and gender identities, its relation to kinship, marriage and the life cycle, sexually transmitted diseases, and contemporary factors such as reproductive technology, internet pornography, and sexual violence. The authors explore various controversies regarding sexuality, providing balanced judgements based on academic research in industrial and nonindustrial societies. A Must Read!" – Serena Nanda, professor emeritus, Anthropology, City University of New York; author of Gender Diversity: Crosscultural Comparisons and Love and Marriage: Cultural Diversity in a Changing World.


    "This collaborative volume updates the team’s popular textbook covering topics from A-frame orgasm to zygote transplantation. Most sexuality textbooks focus primarily on biological or psychological aspects. In contrast, this book truly presents a holistic overview of human sexuality in its social contexts and cross-cultural variability, attending as well to variations in sexual orientation and gender diversity, while clearly explaining the physiology and psychology. Ideal for anthropology of sexuality courses, the clear descriptions of anthropological and sociological concepts also suit this book for a general sexuality course or as a general reference."– Timothy M. Hall, MD PhD, assistant clinical professor, UCLA Dept of Family Medicine.