1st Edition

Human Stress and the Environment

By Allen H. Rose Copyright 1994

    This volume is devoted to a study of the relationship between stress and health. The aim of this work is to present an account of this complex and difficult problem, without the sensationalism often associated with modern environmental remedies.


    List of Contributors

    Medical Implications of Stress

    D. Wheatley

    Some Effects of the Environment on Emotions and Their Relationships to Cardiovascular Diseases

    R. H. Rosenman

    Environment, Stress and Aging

    P. T. P. Wong and E. j. Peacock

    Seasonal Factors and Suicide

    K. Egashira and K. Abe

    Stress, Mental Health and the Environmental

    H. Freeman

    Stress in the Work Environment

    V. I. Sutherland and C. L. Cooper

    Stress, Health and the Office Environment

    L. Dorn

    Stress and Public Concern over Hazardous Waste

    J. Petts

    Stress and the Environment: The Impact of the Moto Vehicle

    J. McHarry



    Rose\, Allen H.