1st Edition

Human Worth in Comparing Secular and Christian Perspectives

By Monica Thiel Copyright 2025
    144 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book integrates secular literature such as psychology, sociology, management, and organization studies with Christian and spiritual biblical literature.  This book explores the importance of human worth in our personal and professional lives through an interdisciplinary approach that integrates human and societal worth with Christian and spiritual worth. Moreover, the book highlights values that receive little or no attention in secular literature. 

    Overall, this book shows readers how human worth is often manipulated and undermined within societal worth in contrast to Christian worth with implications for cultivating leadership and education. This book focuses more on the biblical texts rather than the theological differences. In addition, this book situates itself on common biblical interests across Christian church denominations worldwide rather than exploring more on the secular cultural differences. This book positions itself from a non-denominational and Western perspective with a focus on biblical texts, theology, and secular literature.

    Readers who would be interested in this book are scholars and students in religion, ethics, and spirituality.

    Part I - Societal Worth 1 - The Importance of Worth in Society. 2. Self-Worth and Social Worth Part II - Examining Human worth Apart From God 3. Human Reason and Worth: A Christian and non-Christian Perspective. 4. The Worth of Ethics Apart From God and With God Part III - Christian Worth 5. Understanding Human Worth According to God. 6. Spiritual Battles and Satan’s Tactics in Human Worth. 7. Cultivating Christian Worth and Leadership. 8. Rethinking the Worth of Christian Education


    Monica Thiel is a member of the Academy of Management, NOMOS Centre for International Research on Law, Culture, and Power at Jagiellonian University, Faculty of International and Political Studies, Kraków, Poland, UNCG PRME Anti-poverty, Working Group Member, and UN Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) Academic Network. Her research is published in peer-reviewed journals and books. She is a faculty member of the Asian Institute of Management in Metro Manila, Philippines, an associate editor for Frontiers in Psychology and Organizational Psychology, and an editorial board member for Group and Organization Management, The International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, and Discover Sustainability. Monica has professional experience in multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, small-medium enterprises, government, and military in industries such as science, finance, healthcare, and research. Her current research interests include Organizational Psychology, Government, Business and Society, Strategy, Organizations, Sustainable Development, Governance, Ethics, and Competitiveness.