1st Edition

Humanisation? Psychoanalysis, Symbolisation, and the Body of the Unconscious

By Colette Soler Copyright 2018

    Unquenched desire, the dividing up of the drives, repetition, and symptom are the keywords for the effects that the unconscious, as deciphered by Freud, has on the body. Harmony is not on the agenda, but rather the discordance, unlinking, and arrogance of cynical jouissances. It seems that the discourse of capitalism is today increasing their deleterious consequences – with all of these demonstrative suicides, but also suicides as diverse as those of terrorists, Tibetan monks, those beleaguered by the capitalist enterprise, and all the hopeless of our time. Hence the question that Lacan posed concerning the possible "humanisation" of this denatured animal, about whom Freud did not hesitate to say that he is a wolf to man, even though he has always made community. What will the psychoanalyst say about possible solutions, he whose act excludes the call to norms of any kind?

    Humanisation? is the 2013–2014 volume of the annual seminar held by the author at the Clinical College of the Lacanian Field in Paris.

    PART 1: I. 13 November 2013  1. The Name Man  2. Without the Other 3. The Inhuman Unconscious PART2: II. 27 November 2013 4. The Denatured 5. Real Effects of the Symbolic 6. Effects on the Real PART 3: III. 11 December 2013 7. Jouissance, Fitted Out 8. Motérialité 9. Object a, the Orphan 10. Destructivity? PART 4: IV. 25 January 2014 11. Tragedy or Destructivity? 12. L’(a)cause Première 13. New Problems 14. The Agalma of Desire PART 5: V. 29 January 2014 15. Types of Desires 16. What Does the Analyst Want? 17. Up to What Point Does Logic Command? PART 6: VI. 12 February 2014 18. The Highway of the Metaphor 19. The Paternal Order 20. The Name of the Thing PART 7: VII. 5 March 2014 21. Diagnostics According to the Metaphor 22. The Names of the Name 23. Function of the Exception 24. The Saying as Exception PART 8: VIII. 19 March 2014 25. No Discourse of Suppléance 26. Before, After 27. The Function (F x) 28. Phallic Signification 29. The Jouissance of the Phallus PART 9:IX. 2 April 2014 30. Speech as Cause 31. The Propositional Function 32. Ex-sistence PART 10: X. 7 May 2014 33. Two Halves? 34. Various Not-Alls 35. The Not-All of Psychosis 36. The Not-All of Women 37. A Not-All society? PART 11:XI. 21 May 2014  38. A Father 39. The Father of the Name 40. Function of the Name 41. Function of Naming  PART 12: XII. 4 June 2014 42. Name and Naming 43.A New Father 44. Not without the Father 45. But Fatherless


    Colette Soler practices and teaches psychoanalysis in Paris. She holds an agrégation in philosophy and a doctorate in psychology. It was her encounter with the teaching and person of Jacques Lacan that led her to choose psychoanalysis. She was a member of the École Freudienne de Paris and, following its dissolution, became the Director of the École de la Cause Freudienne, after which she was at the forefront of the movement of the International of the Forums and its School of Psychoanalysis.