1st Edition

Hybrid Assemblies and Multichip Modules

By Kear Copyright 1992

    Providing a description of design considerations from the user's viewpoint, this detailed reference discusses the materials used in manufacturing hybrid assemblies and multichip modules - illustrating how these products are created for a wide range of applications.;Examining the current state of hybrid assembly technology, Hybrid Assemblies and Multichip Modules: provides a thorough overview of substrate materials and metals used for conductors, addressing multilayer materials and overglazes; explicates design considerations such as circuit layout, component placement, thermal management and interface problems; clarifies the manufacturing techniques used for multi-layer thick-film circuits and multilayer substrates; and explains soldering and other attachment methods for discrete components.;Focusing primarily on electronic assemblies that use ceramic substrates, Hybrid Assemblies and Multichip Modules should serve as a comprehensive resource for manufacturing, electrical and electronics, and automotive engineers; manufacturing managers; hybrid assembly designers; hybrid assembly users; printed circuit designers, fabricators and users; and graduate-level students in manufacturing engineering and electronic packaging courses.

    An overview of hybrid assemblies; design and development of hybrid assemblies; ceramic substrates; thick-film and thin-film circuits; screened passive components; surface-mount components; interconnection technologies; component placement and soldering; testing methods; coating, encapsulating and marking; installing and using the hybrid assembly; quality assessment of hybrid assemblies; microchip modules.


    Fred W. Kear is a manufacturing manager at Mototola Inc., in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is the author of three books: The Design and Manufacture of Printed Circuits, Production Engineering, and Printed Circuit Assembly Manufacturing (Marcel Dekker, Inc.). A member of the Institute of Printed Circuits, Mr. Kear was also the chief contributor to the Sourcebook of Electronic Circuits, and contributing author to Tunnel Diodes and Semiconductor Circuits, Design Manual for Transistor Circuits, and Modem Digital Circuits. In addition, he has written approximately 200 technical papers that have been published in professional journals.