454 Pages
    by CRC Press

    454 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Get all the resource information you need on hybrid vegetable development—in one book!

    Discover the latest concepts in breeding and development of hybrid vegetables with Hybrid Vegetable Development. Respected authorities share their views on the most recent trends and the techniques used for hybrid vegetable development in various vegetable crops. This one book could become your comprehensive source for all aspects of breeding, development, and seed production.

    Hybrid Vegetable Development provides a huge volume of background information on eighteen of the most important world vegetable crops, including tomato, eggplant, hot pepper, bell pepper, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, garden pea, and melons. Packed with helpful illustrations, diagrams, and tables, this book goes in-depth into hybrid development mechanisms, crop/floral biology, pollination control mechanisms genetics, breeding, and the exploitation of hybrid seed production on a commercial scale.

    Hybrid Vegetable Development covers:

    • crop biology
    • heterosis
    • pollination control mechanisms
    • hybrid seed production
    • maintenance of inbred/pure lines
    • seed production of major vegetables
    • detailed descriptions of the mechanisms in hybrid vegetable development
    • the status of transgenic vegetables
    Hybrid Vegetable Development is a valuable, comprehensive resource for agriculture industry experts and professionals, professors, and students.

    • Acknowledgments (P. K. Singh, S. K. Dasgupta, and S. K. Tripathi)
    • Hybrid Tomato Breeding (D. S. Cheema and M. S. Dhaliwal)
    • An Outlook in Hybrid Eggplant Breeding (A. S. Sidhu, S. S. Bal, T. K. Behera, and Mamta Rani)
    • Breeding for Hybrid Hot Pepper (J. S. Hundal and R. K. Dhall)
    • Perspectives of Bell Pepper Breeding (Subodh Joshi and Terry Berke)
    • Current Trends in Cabbage Breeding (Zhiyuan Fang, Yumei Liu, Ping Lou, and Guangshu Liu)
    • Current Researches in Hybrid Broccoli (Pritam Kalia and S. R. Sharma)
    • An Overview of Hybrid Khol Rabi Breeding (T. S. Verma and S. C. Sharma)
    • A Review in Hybrid Cauliflower Development (S. R. Sharma, Praveen K. Singh, Veronique Chable, and S. K. Tripathi)
    • Objectives of Okra Breeding (B. S. Dhankhar and J. P. Mishra)
    • Hybrid Loofah (P. K. Singh and S. K. Dasgupta)
    • Heterosis in Bittergourd (T. K. Behera)
    • Current Trends in Onion Breeding (A. S. Sidhu, S. S. Bal, and Mamta Rani)
    • Root Vegetable Crops (Pritam Kalia)
    • Garden Pea (Kevin McPhee)
    • Advances in Watermelon Breeding (Tarek Kapiel, Bill Rhodes, Fenny Dane, and Xingping Zhang)
    • Hybrid Melon Development (A. D. Munshi and J. M. Alvarez)
    • Bottlegourd Breeding (Sheo Pujan Singh)
    • Hybrid Cucumber (U. K. Kohli and Amit Vikram)
    • Mechanisms for Hybrid Development in Vegetables (Sanjeet Kumar and P. K. Singh)
    • Transgenic Vegetable Crops (R. B. Ram and S. K. Dasgupta)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Praveen K Singh, Shaibal K Dasgupta, Subodh K Tripathi