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Hydraulic Engineering II

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Published November 28, 2013 by CRC Press
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Hydraulic research is developing beyond traditional civil engineering, since the number of natural hazards increased in recent years, and so did the extent and scope of structural safety assessment and environmental research. Hydraulic Engineering II contains 44 technical papers from the 2nd SREE Conference on Hydraulic Engineering (CHE 2013, Hong Kong, 2-3 November 2013, including the Third SREE Workshop on Environment and Safety Engineering, WESE 2013), discusses recent advances and issues, and identifies challenges associated with engineering applications in hydraulic engineering. The contributions showcase recent developments in the areas of hydraulic engineering and environmental engineering, and other related fields.

The sections on hydraulic engineering mainly focus on river engineering and sediment transport, flood hazards and innovative control measures, rainfall modelling, dam safety, slope stability, environmental hydraulics and hydrology, while the contributions related to environmental issues focus on environmental prediction and control techniques in environmental geoscience, environmental ecology, water pollution and ecosystem degradation, applied meteorology, coastal engineering, safety engineering and environmental pollution control.

Hydraulic Engineering II will be invaluable to academics and professionals in both hydraulic and environmental engineering.

Table of Contents

The 2nd SREE conference on hydraulic engineering

Evaluating bottom sediments impact on faecal bacteria transport in surface water
L. Jiang, Y.C. Chen, D.J. Zhu & Z.W. Liu

Study on hydraulic test and optimized design of rainwater-retention well
S. Zheng

Comparison of factor analysis and positive matrix factorization for the source apportionment of water pollutants
Q. Yu, Y.C. Chen, D.J. Zhu, Z.W. Liu & P.Y. Lv

An evaluation method of Basin Residential Water Environment based on fuzzy algorithm
H. Zhang, X. Li, X. Liu, T. Ao & J. Liu

Species distribution of benthic macroinvertebrates and its ecological response to sand excavation in Mudan River
H.R. Wang, Q.K. Xie, Y.C. Chen, Z.W. Liu & D.J. Zhu

Pilot study on the integrated process treatment based on two-stage BAF for industrial combined wastewater
Q. Lin, X. Zhu & F. Chen

Research on time-dependent reliability of earth dam spillway gate members
J.H. Wang, S.H. Wei, Y.S. Ren, G.H. Gao & Z.H. Liu

Seepage characteristics and its evolution laws in strong expansive soil slope of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project
Z. Dai, S. Chen & H. Luo

Slope instability in high sulfur open mine by Acid Mine Drainage erosion
L. Jiang & S. Yin

Service life prediction of lining concrete for Qingdao Metro Line
Z. Sun & X. Cui

Relative permittivity selection in Geologic Radar method detection
X. Cui & Z. Sun

Study on the 12.5 m deepwater channel Phase I project of the Yangtze River downstream Nanjing
J. She, Y. Xia, D. Du & Y. Wen

Research and application of a new reinforced concrete block masonry system
N. Lou, L. Zhang & X. Fu

Application of projection pursuit model based on random forest algorithm in long-term runoff forecasting
M. Liu, Y.F. Chen, S.H. Gu, P. Yi & Q. Huang

Spatial distribution of dissolved organic carbon in two reservoirs and their sediment interstitial waters
Z. Luo, J.M. Ma & C.Z. Nan

Study of pebble seepage wells enhancing permeability in seasonal river
G. Kong, Q. Huang, J. Chen & W. Li

Comprehensive evaluation on high-steep slope stability of open-pit in Shouyun mine
Z.-H. Xie, X.-D. Zhang, T.-T. Luan & N. He

Study on the weighed objective functions based on sensitivity
L. Huang, Q. Li & J. Qian

Analysis on spatial-temporal variations of the extreme precipitation events during the main flood season in the Huaihe River basin of China
Y.L. Zheng, P.A. Zhong & X.Y. Wan

Probability of overall collapse for concrete gravity dam based on renormalization group theory of unequal probability unit
P. Gu, C. Deng, D. Zhang & L. Tang

Adjustment of new permeable frame to local flow vector field
A.-X. Ma, S.-E. Liu, L.-W. Tan, M.-X. Cao & X.-H. Wang

Seabed stability influenced by reclamation in strong tide estuary: Take the South Branch of Oujiang Estuary as an example
Z. Han, W. Li & Q. Pang

The 3rd SREE workshop on environment and safety engineering

Rapid determination of triclocarban in wastewater by using SPE-UHPLC
X. Wang & X. Liu

The technology of sending typhoon real-time information automatically
J.C. Zhang, Q.J. Xie & Z.X. Rao

A technical way to auto-plot meteorological factors real time distribution map via GrADS
J.C. Zhang, Z.X. Rao & Q.J. Xie

The impacts of uncertain locations of extra evacuees in source nodes on evacuation process
C. Song, Y. Wang, X. Dong & J. Zhu

Application of Sr isotope to the study of environmental change
W. Zhang, J. Niu, H. Zhang, F. Chang, G. Chen & G. Lei

Model-based matter element extension’ vulnerability assessment on plateau basin urban water sources
J.-J. Zeng, Z.-T. Shi, Y.-J. Shen, G. Liu, Y.-W. Chen & Y.-Q. Cui

Water retention function evaluation on different types forests of plateau basin urban water sources—taking Dongfeng reservoir as example
Y.-W. Chen, Z.-T. Shi, J.-J. Zeng, G. Liu, J. Chen & Z.-H. Lin

First discussion on safety management accounting
Y. Gong

Influence of evacuees number and elevator load on mixed evacuation process
X. Dong, Y. Wang, J. Zhu & C. Song

Analysis of the causes for the left-deflection tracks and booming of KAMMURI and GONI after landfalls
A. Gao, R. Zhang & J. Chen

Land subsidence and its control method in Su-Xi-Chang region
Y. Huang & Z. Gu

Application of autotrophic denitrification technology in starch wastewater treatment
R.W. Mei, Y.F. Wei, T. Jiang & Z.P. Shen

Relevancy analysis between the acute attacks of CCVD and weather factors in Beijing
J. Li, Z.Y. Yin, D.S. Zhang, D. Fan, J.J. Zhang, M.M. Cui, J.M. Xu & X. Liu

Research on the application of road weather stations on expressway in China
Z. Yin, X. Li, F. Wu & Z. Xie

Cloning, expression of HSP70 and HSP90 from Gobiocypris rarus exposed to PCP
X. Zhang, C. Deng, L. Xiong, X. Gao & Y. Liu

Removal characteristics and adsorption isotherm simulation of Cu(II) in wastewater by a novel fly ash ceramisite
J. Luo, Z.H. Pang, F.M. Lin & Y. Liu

The research on the exposure assessment of heavy metals Pb in whitening products
G.Z. Huang, J.L. Zhou, D. Jiang & Y. Zhou

Alien Invasive Species of typical nature reserves in China’s coast
Z. Wang, W. Qin, M. Jiang & W. Xu

Study on acoustic emission characteristics of coarse aggregates under CD triaxial tests
S. Qin, L. Yang, H. Gao & X. Chu

The exposure assessment model of sensitized fragrance in toys through the respiratory tract
G.Z. Huang, Y. Zhou, J.L. Zhou & D. Jiang

Reliability of offshore jacket platforms subjected to seismic action
Z.W. Shen, X.H. Wang & W.L. Jin

Effects of municipal sludge compost application on growth of wheat seedlings and environmental risk of heavy metals
H.J. Liu, J.H. Zhao, H.Z. Zhang, M.B. Wei, Z.N. Zhao, H.R. Wang & G.C. Zhai

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