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Hydraulic Engineering III Proceedings of the 3rd Technical Conference on Hydraulic Engineering (CHE 2014), Hong Kong, 13-14 December 2014

Edited By Liquan Xie Copyright 2015

    Hydraulic research is developing beyond the borders of traditional civil engineering to meet increasing demands in natural hazards, structural safety assessment and also environmental research. Hydraulic Engineering III contains 62 technical papers from the 3rd Technical Conference on Hydraulic Engineering (CHE 2014, Hong Kong, 13-14 December 2014), including the 2014 Structural and Civil Engineering Workshop (SCEW 2014) and the 4th Workshop on Environment and Safety Engineering (WESE 2014). The contributions reflect recent advances, discuss problems and identify challenges associated with engineering applications in hydraulic engineering, and showcase recent developments in the areas of hydraulic engineering and environmental engineering, and other related fields.

    Hydraulic Engineering III includes a wide variety of topics: hydraulic engineering (river engineering and sediment transport, waterway engineering, flood hazards and innovative control measures, geotechnical aspects in hydraulic engineering, rainfall modelling, water resources and water treatment, hydraulic structures, modelling technology in hydraulic engineering), structural and civil engineering (mechanics in engineering, and new structural advances such as reinforced concrete beam by high titanium blast furnace slag), and environmental issues (environmental fluid dynamics, environmental hydraulics and hydrology, and the environmental prediction and control techniques in waste and pollution, water pollution and ecosystem degradation, coastal engineering).

    Hydraulic Engineering III will be invaluable to academics and professionals in both hydraulic and environmental engineering.


    The 3rd technical conference on hydraulic engineering

    Bed roughness boundary layer and bed load deposition in vegetated area of a stream
    H.-S. Jeon, M. Obana & T. Tsujimoto

    Levee breach process by overflow using a small scale experimental model
    M. Arita, Y. Muto & T. Tamura

    Velocity distribution and characteristics in unsteady open-channel flow over rough bed
    A.-X. Ma, Y.-J. Lu, M.-X. Cao, X.-H. Wang & T.-J. Huang

    Experimental study of Manning’s roughness in sparse planted open channel flow
    Y.H. Li & L.Q. Xie

    Lateral mixing of flows with and without non-submerged vegetation in depth-averaged 2D scheme
    T. Tsujimoto, H.-S. Jeon & M. Obana

    Transportation and deposition of Particulate Organic Matter (POM) with sediment on vegetated area in a river
    M. Obana, H.-S. Jeon & T. Tsujimoto

    Research on Baimao Sand Shoal waterway deep-water channel regulation idea in the lower reach of the Yangtze River
    H. Xu, Y.-F. Xia, X.-J. Wang & S.-Z. Zhang

    Distribution features and transport trend of seabed sediment in Leizhou Bay
    Z. Han

    Application of a 3d mathematical model for closure of a cofferdam in Caofeidian Harbour
    B. Yan

    The land use changes in Qingdao from the last two decades
    Q. Li & C. Fang

    Spectrum analysis of measured wave in Andaman Sea, Myanmar
    H. Xiao

    Tidal current modeling of the yacht marinas of Double Happiness Island in Xiamen
    C. Chen & Y. Zhang

    Prediction of flow over thin-plate rectangular weir
    Y. Li

    Parameters inversion of mortar in concrete considering the hardening process based on meso-mechanics
    Y. Qiu, G. Zhang & X. Yin

    Hydrological responses of the upper reaches of Yangtze River to climate change
    D.L. Xu, Z.Y. Wu, Y. Yang & Z.Y. Hu

    Research on the evolution of drainage networks in a simulated loss watershed based on fractal dimension
    Y. Dong & Y. Wang

    Construction of campus 3D scene based on 3dsMax and Unity3D
    L. Lin, Z. Tian & S. Zhao

    Evaluation on harmoniousness index system of water resources allocation
    H. Zhu, X. Huang & Y. Wang

    Mean flow characteristics of wall-jets for hydraulic engineering applications
    M. Sebastian & B.S. Pani

    Numerical modeling and analysis of shoreline change on Beidaihe new district coast
    Y.C. Shan, C.P. Kuang, J.Y. Wang, C.F. Hu & J. Gu

    Technical research on analysis of dam-break emergency evacuation
    X.-H. Wang, J.-B. Sheng & S.-H. Song

    The significance and modes of the construction of rural and urban historical and cultural landscape areas of Chenzhou
    Y. Chen

    Low beach guardian project of Lalinzhou
    X.-X. Fei, Z.-Y. Chen & X.-N. Zhang

    The 4th workshop on environment and safety engineering

    Study on the effect of Sanosil on removing algae
    P. Xia, D. Zhang, Z. Wang & J.-R. Lu

    Indoor air quality of the storage of semi-active records in Oman
    N. Salem & S.A. Abdul-Wahab

    Modeling of CO, NOx and CO2 due to vehicle emissions from Sultan Qaboos University in Oman
    S.A. Abdul-Wahab & S.O. Fadlallah

    Application of countermeasure research on rain adaptative landscape in Fujian coastal cities
    Y. Wang & J. Wang

    An evaporation duct prediction model based on the MM5
    L. Jiao & Y.G. Zhang

    Adsorption of Cu2+ from aqueous solution by aminated ephedra waste
    N. Feng, Y. Shi & J. Cao

    Diatomaceous Earth precoat filtration for drinking water treatment
    W. Zhou, H. Ye, D. Zhang & C. Zhang

    Lake sediment records on climate change of the Qinghai Lake catchment in Southwest China based on wavelet analysis
    X. Long, W. Zhang, H. Zhang, Q. Ming, Z. Shi, J. Niu & G. Lei

    The sedimentary records and climate environment evolution of Tengchong Qinghai lake since the 15.0 cal. ka BP
    G. Gan, W. Zhang, H. Zhang, Q. Ming, Z. Shi, J. Niu & G. Lei

    Experimental analysis of low air pressure influences on the fire detection
    S.L. Yang, S. Lu, J. Wang, C.C. Liu & K.K. Yuen

    The summary and prospect of environment risk research on Yongjiang River basin
    J. Ai, Z. Wei, Z. Wu, Y. Cai, C. Deng & B. Chen

    Analysis of the dynamic and vapor characteristics of continuous heavy rain during 6–8 June 2013 in Guilin China
    X. Li, J. Wang, J. Hu, W. Liang & R. Jiang

    A model-based diagnostic study of “99.6” Meiyu front rainstorm
    W. Wang, X. Cai & X. Long

    Scale invariance analysis of the decadal wind velocity in Henan Province
    J.-J. Wang, C.-H. Hu, D.-D. Zhou & L.-L. Zhu

    Research on causes and stability of sand ridges in Liaodong Bay—take Majia shoal for example
    Z. Han

    Research on performance evaluation index system of the large-exhibition project risk management
    Q. Zhang

    Distribution pattern and potential ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in the sediments of Jiulong River estuary
    X. Guo, Z. Guo, C. Wang & K. Chen

    Study and development of early warning system for groundwater hazard in the coal mine
    P.P. Chen

    Stratified cluster sampling and its application on Warner model for sensitive question survey
    S. Wang & G. Gao

    Quantitative risk assessment of domino effect in LPG tank area
    Q.C. Ma & W.J. Qu

    2014 structural and civil engineering workshop

    Numerical simulation of heat storage of solar-ground concrete pile
    L. Liu, D. Zhao & Q. Lang

    Study on the characteristics of temperature for concrete box girder
    L.-J. Liu, W.-G. Sun, F.-T. Ni, Y.-R. Chen & Q.-H. Wu

    Study of the earthquake response of self-anchored suspension bridges
    C.-H. Kou, J.-J. Fan & M.-W. Lai

    The analysis and ponder of instability and failure cause of composite subgrade in a railway project under construction
    W. Gu, G. Liu & Y. Liang

    Parametric study of blind bolted end-plate connection on structural square hollow section
    S. Ivy & P.N. Shek

    Elasto-plastic analysis on seismic response of PC continuous box-girder bridge with corrugated steel webs based on section fiber model
    X. Li, L. Liang & X. Wang

    Key technologies of construction control on long-span variable cross-section aqueduct with reinforced concrete box arch using cantilever erection method
    Z. Tian, W. Peng & X. Zhuo

    Experiment research on flexural performance of reinforced concrete beam by high titanium blast furnace slag
    S. Huang, J. Wang, S. Xie, K. Chen & B. Chen

    Static analysis of pier base of hydroturbine with ring beam and columns
    F. Chen, X. Liu, Z. Huang & Y. Zhang

    Numerical prediction for the deformation of adjacent building foundation in Beijing metro construction
    X. Sun, C. Heng & Z. Zhou

    Analysis of temperature influence on steel strut based on FLAC3D
    Z. Zhou, C. Heng & X. Sun

    Comprehensive evaluation of cracking characteristics of box girder high performance concretes
    B. Li, X. Jiang & Z. Zhu

    Elementary physical model to study the monogranular cohesive materials
    V. Pasquino & E. Ricciardi

    Connection design of Concrete-Filled Twin Steel Tubes column
    Y.F. Zhang, Z.Q. Zhang & W.H. Wang

    The improved Simplified Bishop’s Method considering the Difference of Inter-slice Shearing Force
    N. Xu, W. Xia, B. Zhao & T. Wu

    Study on effects of straight arch with two articulations structure system caused by knee
    W. Cui, Z. Zhang & J. Huang

    A gradually-varied Hoek–Brown disturbance factor for analyzing an axisymmetrical cavern
    S.P. Yang, J.H. Yu, Z.B. Zhao & W.X. Fu

    Initial establishment and application of cell membrane chromatography with mouse macrophage
    Y. Wang, X. Zhou, W. Tang, Y. Zhou & X. Chen

    Risk of accident investigation and correlation analysis of the foundation pit
    D.-H. Zhu & Q. Zhang

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