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Hydraulic Engineering

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Liquan Xie

ISBN 9781138000438
Published March 6, 2013 by CRC Press
384 Pages

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Book Description

Hydraulic Engineering contains 56 technical papers from the 2012 SREE Conference on Hydraulic Engineering (CHE 2012, Hong Kong, 21-22 December 2012, including the second SREE Workshop on Environment and Safety, WESE 2012). The conference served as a major forum for researchers, engineers and manufacturers to share recent advances, discuss problems, and identify challenges associated with engineering applications in hydraulic engineering, and the contributions showcase recent developments in the areas of hydraulic engineering and environmental engineering.

The sections on hydraulic engineering mainly focus on flood prediction and control, hydropower design and construction technology, water and environment, comprehensive water treatment, and urban water supply and drainage, while the contributions related to environmental issues focus on environmental prediction and control techniques in environmental geoscience, environmental ecology, atmospheric sciences, ocean engineering, safety engineering and environmental pollution control.

Hydraulic Engineering will be invaluable to academics and professionals in both hydraulic and environmental engineering.

Table of Contents


2012 SREE conference on hydraulic engineering

Evaluation and selection on multi-dimensional regulation schemes for water cycle system: A case study of Haihe River basin
K. Xu, L. Wang, Z. Gan & H. Ji

Characteristics of uniform turbulent flow with steep slopes
J. Wan, H. Duan & J. He

Multi-objective function based on sensitivity for calibration Xinanjiang model
Q. Li, G. Liang & J. Qian

Study on longitudinal dispersion caused by vertical shear in ice-covered rivers
Z. Wang, Y. Chen, D. Zhu & Z. Liu

Distribution scheme study of the Guhai pump-water project from Yellow River in salt chemical industry park, Guyuan, Ningxia
J.-Y. Li & W.-J. Zhang

Burst detection in water distribution systems based on artificial immune system
H.-D. Huang & T. Tao

The application of SWMM model based on GIS in the piedmont rain control: A case study in Beiwucun gravel pit of Beijing, China
W.-Q. Li, G. Kong, Q. Huang & J.-G. Chen

Study on applications of neural network to flood forecasting in Yiluo River
Y. Yue & Z. Li

Application of Ensemble Kalman filter in parameter calibration of Muskingum model
Y. Yue & Z. Li

Discussion on the selection of influent water quality of municipal wastewater treatment plant
T. Gao, K. Zhang & T. Jin

Application of progressive optimality algorithm to cascade reservoir optimal operation in flood control
J. Qian & J. Hou

The effect of train load and water coupling to track crack growth
G. Xu & J. Wang

A spatial decision support system for water resource management of Yellow River Basin in China
Y. Li, X.-L. Fang & S.-X. Jiao

On energy dissipation of hydraulic jumps at low Froude numbers considering
bubbles formation and transportation process 91
S. Chen & J. Wang

Research on time-varying resistance attenuation law of hydraulic steel gate members
S. Wei, Y. Ren, Z. Yin & Y. Wang

Near-dam reach propagation characteristics of daily regulated unsteady flow released from Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station
A.-X. Ma, S.-E. Liu, X.-H. Wang & M.-X. Cao

Study on flood storage and water logging control in Huainan mining subsidence area
J. Li, Z. Zhou, Z. Yan, H. He & Q. Sun

Research of CCS Hydropower Station Bieri sand-flushing facility test
J. Chen, Y. Ren, Y. Li & G. Wu

Model design comparative experiment of reservoir sediment transport piping suction head
G. Wu, Y. Ren, J. Chen & L. Song

Study on the key technique of the control system adjustment for the Yellow River estuary model
C. Zhu, L. Zhao, J. Wang & X. Qin

Long-term water temperature simulation for Miyun Reservoir
Z. Li, D. Zhu, Y. Chen, Z. Liu & X. Fang

Regulated deficit irrigation effects on Tomato growth and irrigation water use efficiency
J. Zhang, Z. Cheng, X. Li, R. Zhang & A. Li

Reservoir self-suction sediment transport piping practice and research progress
Y. Li, J. Chen, C. Wu & E. Jiang

Application of steel fiber reinforced shotcrete in dam strengthening project
J. Peng & L. Zhu

An experiment about diversion recharge in Sibaishu Haize Lake of Jingbian county
T. Yang & J.-D. Wang

Numerical model of the spiral flow in the 90° elbow
Y. Lan, W. Guo, Q. Song & Y. Li

Drainage system vulnerability analysis of Beijing under the rainstorm
Y. Wang & C. Fang

Study on the reservoirs ecological operation in Shule River irrigation area
X. Ai, S. Sandoval-Solis & Z. Gao

A simple approach for tunnel face stability in soft ground
G.-F. Lv, C.-Q. Jia, Q.-W. Huang & J. Liu

Novel computational implementations for stability analysis of rock masses
C.-Q. Jia, Q.-W. Huang, G.-H. Wang & B. Chen

The 2nd SREE workshop on environment and safety engineering

Study on smoke movement with semi-transverse smoke extraction in subway tunnel fire
Y. Lu, F. Liu, G. Li & S. Liao

Risk analysis on extreme precipitation events over China based on peaks over threshold model
X. Gu & N. Li

Application of an anaerobic unit—combined constructed wetland system for swine wastewater treatment
Y. Chu, Y.-H. Ma, P. Zhu & Z.-Q. Hu

Risk assessment methods study of the breakage asphalt runway pavement based on entropy
M. Li & R. Shi

Correlation between Chla concentration and environmental factors in Poyang Lake, China
M.-L. Hu, H.-M. Zhou & F. Li

Vertical distribution of sediment organic phosphorus species and simulated phosphorus release from lake sediments
L. Dong, Z. Yang, X. Liu & G. Liu

Research on implementation of safety management diagnosis in enterprises
Y. Gong

The study of Hydrogen Peroxide modified activated carbon on the adsorption of Trimethylamine exhaust
A. Ren, P. Han, B. Guo, J. Han & B. Li

Biodiversity of marine life in the Huanghe (Yellow River) estuary and adjacent area
H. Zhang, Z. Lv, F. Li, L. Zheng & T. Wang

Influence of summer stratification on the vertical distribution of picoplankton in the Southern Yellow Sea
P. Qu, Z. Wang, M. Pang, M. Fu, Z. Xu, X. Pu & P. Sun

Preliminary studies of aeromonas hydrophila diseases in Rana spinosa David and whole bacteria inactivated vaccine preparation method
J.-Q. Qiu, J.-P. Wang, Y. Le, Q. Sun, X.-L. Yang, G.-F. Lin, W. Fang & W. Tang

Characterization of Cr(VI) removal and Cr equilibrium adsorption by sulfate reducing granular sludge in stimulant wastewater
J.-L. Zhang, J. Luo, Z.-H. Pang, F.-M. Lin & Z.-X. Wang

The effect of arsenic removal of high arsenic spring water
Y. Liu, Z. Liu, J. Wang & S. Zhang

Comparison experimental study on electric field method for arsenic removal
J. Wang, Y. Liu, Z. Liu & S. Zhang

Comparative study on the two kinds of Litopenaeus vannamei culture modes
Y. Wang, Z. Jin & W. Zheng

Fire gases detection system based on photoacoustic spectroscopy principle
Y.-L. Jiang, J. Zhang & J.-J. Wang

Experimental study on treatment of ammonia nitrogen in landfill leachate flowing from MBR using catalytic wet peroxide oxidation
L.-H. Teng, J.-P. Wang, Q.-G. Mao & Y. Le

Nutrient load during flood events of a typical river flowing into the Chao Lake, China
Y. Chu, Y.-H. Ma, S.-S. Zheng, C. Salles & M.-G. Tournoud

Study on permafrost distribution in Qinghai-Tibet highway based on ASTER data
K. Wang, L. Chen, B. Wei & Q. Jiang

Study on enhanced treatment of low temperature and low turbidity micro-polluted water by ozone pre-oxidation
J. Yuan, M. Li, G. Wen & W. Yan

Fuzzy assessment of oil spill impact and consequence for offshore petroleum industries
Y. Lu, W. Wei, J. Wang, Y. Yang & W. An

Impact analysis and simulation of South China Sea SSTA towards monsoon atmospheric LFO
W. Ni, G. Jiang, R. Liu & Y. Wang

Species composition and distribution of ichthyoplankton in the Huanghe River estuary
Y. Yang, Z. Lv, F. Li, Z. Wang, C. Sun & Q. Xu

Research on calculation methods of SO2 emission factor in the industrial sector in China
M.-H. Liu, Z.-Q. Wu & Z.-H. Han

Analysis of the anomalous torrential rain caused by NESAT and the cold mass
A. Gao & R. Zhang

A new model of industrial symbiosis optimization
L. Feng & J.H. Di

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