1st Edition

Hydrogen Effects in Catalysis Fundamentals and Practical Applications

By Paal Copyright 1987

    This book covers hydrogen effects in catalysis in the broadest sense, from surface science to industrial applications. It draws the attention of the catalysis community to the importance of the phenomena of hydrogen effects both in the science and technology of catalysis.

    Part I: Surface Chemistry of Hydrogen on Metals 1. Hydrogen Sorption on Pure Metal Surfaces 2. Vibrational Spectroscopy of Hydrogen Adsorbed on Metal Surfaces Part II: Characterization of Surface Hydrogen on Catalysts 3. Energetics of Hydrogen Adsorption on Porous and Supported Metals 4. Hydrogen as a Tool for Characterization of Catalyst Surfaces by Chemisorption, Gas Titration, and Temperature-Programmed Techniques 5. Hydrogen Adsorption on Supported Cobalt, Iron, and Nickel 6. Neutron Scattering Studies of Hydrogen in Catalysts 7. Infrared Spectroscopy of Adsorbed Hydrogen 8. Effects of Adsorption of Hydrogen on the Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Metals 9. Electrochemical Investigation of Surface Hydrogen on Metal Catalysts Part III: Hydrogen as a Partner in Producing Active Catalysts 10. Hydrogen Effects in Sintering of Supported Metal Catalysts 11. Hydrogen-Induced Sintering of Unsupported Metal Catalysts 12. Spillover of Hydrogen 13. Strong Metal-Support Interactions 14. Catalytic Properties of Metal Hydrides Part IV: Hydrogen Effects in Catalytic Reactions 15. General Kinetics of Hydrogen Effects: Hydrocarbon Transformations over Metals as Model Reactions 16. Role of Hydrogen in Low- and High-Pressure Hydrocarbon Reactions 17. Hydrogen Effects in Skeletal Reactions of Hydrocarbons over Metal Catalysts 18. Hydrogen Effects in Organic Hydrogenations 19. Hydrogen Effects in Catalytic Transformations of Oxygenated Carbon Compounds on Metals 20. Role of Hydrogen in CO Hydrogenation 21. Effect of Hydrogen on the Activity of Oxide Catalysts 22. Reactivity of Hydrogen in Sulfide Catalysts Part V: Technological Implications 23. Hydrogen Effects in Industrial Catalysis 24. Selectivity in Competitive Hydrogenation Reactions 25. Hydrogen and Catalytic Reforming 26. Metal Membranes for Hydrogen Diffusion and Catalysis 27. Hydrogen Transfer in Catalysis on Zeolites 28. Hydrogen Effects in Olefin Polymerization Catalysts


    Zoltan Paal (Author) , P. G. Menon (Author)