1st Edition

Hydrogen: Its Technology and Implication Transmission and Storage - Volume II

By Kenneth E. Cox, K.D. Williamson Copyright 1977

    Volume II of this series provides detailed design information on systems necessary for the storage, transfer, and transmission of gaseous and liquid hydrogen.Cost factors, technical aspects, and models of hydrogen pipeline systems are included together with a discussion of materials for hydrogen service. Metallic hydride gaseous storage systems for the utility and transportation industry are covered in detail, and the design Dewars and liquid hydrogen transfer systems are examined.This series in 5 volumes represents a serious attempt at providing information on all aspects of hydrogen at the postgraduate and professional level. It discusses recent developments in the science and technology of hydrogen production; hydrogen transmission and storage; hydrogen utilization; and the social, legal, political environmental, and economic implications of hydrogen‘s adoption as an energy medium.

    1. Transmission of Gaseous Hydrogen 2. Metal Hydrides as Hydrogen Storage Media and Their Applications 3. Liquid Hydrogen Storage and Transmission 4. Materials for Hydrogen Service


    Kenneth E. Cox, K.D. Williamson