1st Edition

Hyper-Structured Molecules III

By Hiroyuki Sasabe Copyright 2002

    Hyper-Structured Molecules are topologically well-defined molecules in two or three dimensions, expected to show novel quantum effects in the molecular sequences. This book covers molecular designs of dendrimers, oligomers, hyperbranched polymers and/or high spin systems, molecular organizations and nanostructures, mesoscopic pattern formation, and scanning probe microscopy for characterization and molecular handling, aims at the fundamental understandings of how to design and synthesize and the future applications toward molecular electronics, photonics and spinics such as quantum effect devices. Hyper-structured Molecules III presents the frontier of novel molecules and techniques for handling them, and should be of interest to all researchers working in supramolecular chemistry or molecular electronics.

    Near Field Optical Technologies: From Imaging/Diagnostics to Nano-Fabrication/Atom Manipulation. Hybridization of Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope with Scanning Tunneling Microscope, Organic Spin Clusters, Fractals and Networks with Very-High-Spin. Single Molecule Magnets, from NLO-Active Alkynylmetal Complexes to Organometallic Dendrimers. A Synthetic Approach to Rigid and Dendritic Nano-sized Ruthenium Complexes. Worm-like Dendrimers with Flexible Carbosilane Branches. Electrochemical Construction of Ordered Polyphyrin Polymers toward Nano-Molecular Spin Systems. Chromogenic Receptors as Potentially Hyper-Structured Molecules. Design and Synthesis toward Star-burst C60-Based Conducting Polyanilines. Exotic Condensed States of Matter: Discotic Mesogen and Optically Isotropic Liquid Crystals. Phototriggered Reactions of DNA and Their Applications. Optimized Second-Harmonic Generation from Alternate-Layer Langmuir-Blodgett Films of a Transparent Dye and Poly (T-butyl Methacrylate).


    Hiroyuki Sasabe