1st Edition

Hypnosis and Behavioral Medicine

By Daniel P. Brown, Erika Fromm Copyright 1987

    This important volume applies hypnotic principles to the specific challenges of behavioral medicine. Drawing from extensive clinical evidence and experience, the authors describe how hypnobehavioral techniques can help in the treatment of psychophysiological disorders.

    1: Behavioral Medicine; 2: Hypnosis and Hypnobehavioral Therapy; 3: The Hypnobehavioral Treatment of Psychophysiological Disorders; 4: The Hypnobehavioral Treatment of Habit and Behavioral Disorders


    Daniel P. Brown, Erika Fromm

    "....This is a splendid book and, arguably, one of the best books on hypnosis and its clinical application that this reviewer has encountered.....There are few tomes on hypnosis that I have found as stimulating. This is an aided, to a large extent, by the authors' clarity of expression....The book is entirely comprehensible whether it is being used by a novitiate or someone skilled in hypnotherapy....This most readable book is more than a reference work....[It] is a book which all clinical practitioners using hypnosis should have on their library shelf. I even like the dust jacket design!"
    The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

    "The authors carefully and systematically depict a multidimensional systems perspective for practical clinical and research evaluation of treatments of illnesses conceived as complexly developed and maintained as a function of various contributing factors. The integrated approach is scholarly, analytical, and thorough....This volume is readable and well illustrated with clinical material."

    Perceptual and Motor Skills