1st Edition

Hypnotherapy with Regrets and Associated Emotions Ideas for Practice

By Jacki Pritchard Copyright 2025
    232 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    232 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book helps hypnotherapists to focus on the subject of regrets and associated emotions when working with clients.

    Promoting the concept of “the road of regrets”, this book presents a five-stage process for the hypnotherapist to work through with clients (adults and children aged 5+). The process involves identifying and acknowledging regrets; working through the regrets and associated emotions; taking any necessary action before releasing the regrets and emotions; and finally moving on to plan for the future. The book contains over 60 customisable scripts, guidance notes and appendices to promote ideas for practice. The scripts offer a variety of methodology to choose from: regression (including past lives); metaphors (Ericksonian); benefits approach; Gestalt therapy and solution-focused. The appendices include practical resources such as questionnaires, checklists, summaries, forms, and worksheets for exercises which the hypnotherapist can utilise in sessions (individual or group).

    This practical volume will be of use to student hypnotherapists, trainers and training schools, supervisors, newly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists. Although the main focus of the book is regrets and associated emotions, the book can be used for an abundance of other concerns e.g. lack of confidence or self-esteem; fears; anxiety and panic attacks.

    Part I: Working with regrets 1. Introduction: Why we should work with regrets 2. How to use the book 3. Different types of regrets 4. Emotions associated with regrets 5. Assessment for regrets 6. Groupwork for regrets Part II: Scripts for the first session 7. Relaxing into your hand 8. Breathing and listening to sounds 9. Fragrant oil diffuser 10. Part III: Identifying and acknowledging regrets 11. Road of regrets 12. Riding the regrets 13. Hanging out the washing 14. Hunt the thimbles Part IV: Working through emotions 15. Pathways through the woods 16. The square to the past 17. Russian dolls 18. Under the microscope 19. Walking in the rain 20. The donkey with a heavy load 21. Feeling trapped 22. Stuck, frozen and numb 23. Why I did what I did 24. I should have 25. Fear of failing 26. Street art Part V: Taking action 27. Let’s think about the Rs 28. It’s never too late 29. The meeting room 30. Communication and presenting oneself 31. Your own channel 32. I’m sorry Part VI: Releasing 33. The drainage system 34. Cliff edge 35. Ice cubes melting 36. Bubble machine 37. Army of ants 38. Flying with the birds 39. Dusting and hoovering up 40. Let’s have a declutter 41. Car wash 42. Parking the regrets 43. Visualisations for breaking free and cutting off Part VII: Planning for the future 44. The world is your oyster 45. It’s my life 46. Drawing and crossing a line 47. Galloping and racing into the future 48. Designing a magazine cover 49. Stained glass windows Part VIII: Additional scripts 50. Freya the fox and the eggs 51. Sophia the seamstress 52. Not having a childhood 53. On the motorway 54. Rowing 55. The computer screen 56. High wire act. 



    Jacki Pritchard is a clinical hypnotherapist and an independent social worker. She has been qualified as a social worker for the past 42 years and have worked with both children and adults, specialising in abuse issues. She also works as a trainer in social care.

    'Written in a comprehensive yet simple and accessible manner, Hypnotherapy with Regrets and Associated Emotions: Ideas for Practice is a highly applicable, generalisable and useful text. The content is excellent and very thorough and well written. It contains a useful chapter explaining how to use the diverse ideas for working with both children and adults, and a very large range of type or regrets covering all areas. The scripts themselves are thorough and well written and provoke other ideas in the reader. There is a wide and varied theme for the scripts providing something suitable for every client and their style/interests. Most significantly, I like the encouragement for practitioners to apply some of the book to themselves through self-reflection. I certainly intend to use and suggest that any hypnotherapists that I train purchase this unique book.' 

    Caroline Dyson, Founder and Director of Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme (HISP) and Managing Minds (MM), hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and trainer