1st Edition

I Is for Inquiry An Illustrated ABC of Inquiry-Based Instruction for Elementary Teachers and Schools

    174 Pages
    by Prufrock Press


    I Is for Inquiry takes a unique approach to helping teachers in the elementary grades create lessons and sustain inquiry in their classrooms. This colorful, illustrated alphabet book explores 26 (including X and Z) key ideas and skills in inquiry-based teaching and learning, such as collaboration, dialogue, evidence, hypothesis, and scaffolding. Each short chapter:

    • Summarizes one inquiry element that can be built into students' experiences.
    • Uses straightforward language and examples.
    • Includes a classroom vignette and suggestions for using the concept.
    • Shares selected references and related Internet-based resources.
    • Helps teachers build self-confidence about teaching through inquiry.

    This book will serve as a familiar and fun resource for busy teachers at any point in their careers. Using the inquiry vocabulary and repertoire of concepts, teachers can build curriculum and share ideas with colleagues, making inquiry in the classroom as approachable as ABC!

    Acknowledgments Preface About the Illustrations A is for Activity B is for Beginning C is for Collaborating D is for Dialogue E is for Evidence F is for Facilitating G is for Goals H is for Hypothesis I is for Interests J is for Juxtaposing K is for Knowledge L is for Listening M is for Meaning N is for Negotiating O is for Owning P is for Process Q is for Questions R is for Roles S is for Sharing T is for Talk Time U is for Uncertainty V is for Valuing W is for Who, What, When, Where, Why . . . and How X is for X Y is for Yikes! Z is for ZPD References About the Authors


    Bruce M. Shore, Ph.D., Mark W. Aulls, Ed.D., Diana Tabatabai, Ph.D., and Juss Kaur Magon, Ph.D., have more than a century of combined experience as teachers, administrators, teacher educators, writers, supervisors, and researchers in inquiry-based teaching and learning, reading, mathematics, science, technology, and gifted education. They have worked in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, from primary grades to postdoctoral supervision, and as international workshop leaders and consultants.

    "Creating a collaborative inquiry class is not easy, students need to be well prepared in their knowledge to then generate a sense of curiosity and wonder, teachers have to move from talkers to listeners, and there are the key Who, What, When, Where and Why questions. This book has 26 action packed directions to make inquiry work, to know it worked, and to move beyond the ‘knowing that’ to the ‘knowing how’. You can hear the authors inquiring, you can see the collaboration in their writing, and it is a privilege to listen in to their wisdom and practicality. This book is a necessity for teachers to effectively enact collaborative inquiry." – John Hattie, University of Melbourne

    "I strongly recommend this great new book on the teaching thinking skills by Bruce Shore and a number of colleagues. It includes dozens of very practical and easy-to-implement ideas developed by teachers who have many years of classroom experience." – Joseph S. Renzulli, University of Connecticut (12/4/20)

    "Expertly written and thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, I Is for Inquiry is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to professional, school district, college, and university library Elementary School Teacher Education instructional references and supplemental curriculum reading lists." – James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review (7/22/20)