1st Edition

IAENG Transactions on Engineering Sciences Special Issue of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2013 and World Congress on Engineering 2013

Edited By Sio-Iong Ao, Alan Hoi-Shou Chan, Hideki Katagiri, Li Xu Copyright 2014

    Two large international conferences on Advances in Engineering Sciences were held in Hong Kong, March 13-15, 2013, under the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists (IMECS 2013), and in London, U.K., 3-5 July, 2013, under the World Congress on Engineering 2013 (WCE 2013) respectively. IMECS 2013 and WCE 2013 were organized by the International Association of Engineers (IAENG). IAENG is a non-profit international association for engineers and computer scientists, which was founded in 1968.

    This volume contains 46 revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers participating in the conferences. Topics covered include engineering mathematics, computer science, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, and industrial applications. The book offers the state of art of tremendous advances in engineering sciences and also serves as an excellent reference work for researchers and graduate students working with/on engineering sciences.

    A new approach to constructing simultaneous prediction limits on future outcomes under parametric uncertainty of underlying models
    N.A. Nechval & K.N. Nechval
    Different approaches to the design of pole placement controllers for reducing the congestion control problem of TCP/IP wireless networks
    T. Alvarez, H. de las Heras & J. Reguera
    A quantity discount pricing policy for the poultry farmer with two retailers
    H. Kawakatsu, T. Homma & K. Sawada
    Construction of a difference scheme for a singular Cauchy problem
    A. Ospanova & L. Kussainova
    Shallow-water solutions for gravity currents in non-rectangular cross-area channels
    T. Zemach
    On the properties of piezoelectric materials based upon orthonormal representations
    Ç. Dinçkal
    A new approach for solving first and second order initial value problems
    S. Charkrit
    On the degree of approximation of conjugate functions in weighted Lipschitz class
    U. Singh & S. Kumar Srivastava
    Geometrical redundancy of street patterns based on threshold of isoperimetric ratio
    T. Suzuki & Y. Hatakeyama
    Modelling of nonlinear diffusion phenomena on a 2D sphere and in a spherical shell
    Yu.N. Skiba & D.M. Filatov
    The Kron formalism of tensor analysis, applied to graphs, networks and antennas
    P. Durand, O. Maurice & A. Reineix
    A case study on the validation of Point CIP as a continuous improvement system
    E.J. Rodrigues, P. Alexandrino & M.S. Carvalho
    Optimization of a parabolic channel to generate electrical energy
    F.D. Calvo, F. Calvo, V.M. Chapela, M.J. Percino & L. Trinidad
    Conceptual framework of project actors’ information delivery system
    F.K. Dzokoto, F. Edum-Fotwe & P. Demian
    Experimental-analytical investigation to estimate an emission inventory from road transport sector
    P. Iodice & A. Senatore
    Cutting forces modeling and optimization in turning AISI D6 tool steel through experimental design analysis and soft computing
    N.M. Vaxevanidis, N.A. Fountas, J.D. Kechagias & D.E. Manolakos
    Lean Six Sigma in internal logistics: A case study
    S. Sousa, E. Nunes & D. Antunes
    Manufacture of 3D Möbius-Listing models using mathematical equations
    V.M. Chapela, M.J. Percino, F. Calvo, L. Trinidad & F.D. Calvo
    Risk evaluation of the business performance of corporate social responsibility programs in Agri-food Supply Chain network
    W. Sutopo, M. Hisjam, Yuniaristanto & B. Kurniawan
    Standard for uniformity in building engineering services price forecast
    G.A. Yusuf & S.F. Mohamed
    Estimating maintenance costs of a wind turbine pitch control system
    E. Nunes, J. Telhada & M. Carvalho
    Development of an intelligent approach to dynamic scheduling in robotic flexible assembly cells
    K.K. Abd, K. Abhary & R.M. Marian
    Home Health Care staff scheduling: Effective grouping approaches
    M. Mutingi & C. Mbohwa
    Causes of latent failures on biodiesel plants and accepted practices to diminish them
    S.S. Rivera, J.E. Núñez Mc Leod & R.D. Calvo Olivares
    Cultural dynamics in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation
    L. Zaglago, C. Chapman, H. Shah & I. Apulu
    A model polythene recycling machine for economic development and pollution control
    A.I. Gbasouzor, K.C. Owuama & S.C. Ekwuozor
    Multivariate control charts for short-run complex processes
    L. Jaupi, Ph. Durand, D. Ghrobanzadeh & D.E. Herwindiati
    Dimensional accuracy achievable by three-dimensional printing
    M.N. Islam, B. Boswell & A. Pramanik
    Improved airline seat inventory control under incomplete information
    N.A. Nechval, G. Berzins & K.N. Nechval
    Effects of key size and key layout on numeric data entry performance with touch screens
    S.N.H. Tsang, A.H.S. Chan & K. Chen
    Older people’s preferences for mobile phone features
    K. Chen, A.H.S. Chan & S.N.H. Tsang
    Evaluation of recognition threshold for discolored safety signs in terms of white pixel concentration and CIELUV color difference
    A.W.Y. Ng & A.H.S. Chan
    Design study for non eLiterate user: Case of mobile phone interface
    Restyandito, A.H.S. Chan, N.T.S. Saptadi & A.W. Mahastama
    Facilitating the effectiveness of signs on roads
    T.R. Zhang & A.H.S. Chan
    The efficiency of worksharing under different sizes of fixed tasks
    S. Kasmo, T. Enkawa & S. Suzuki
    Effect of processing parameters on the properties of laser metal deposited Ti6Al4V using design of experiment
    R.M. Mahamood, E.T. Akinlabi, M. Shukla & S. Pityana
    The effect of cavity formation on the casting heat dissipation rate
    R. Dyja, N. Sczygiol & Z. Domański
    First-principles calculations of chromium oxide containing impurities
    R. Rivera, S. Jácome, F. Maldonado & A. Stashans
    New secure explicitly authenticated key agreement protocols
    Y. Abouelseoud & M. Nabil
    Customer-centric revenue management in Cloud Computing—insights into integration of information systems and successful growth in customer equity
    M. Mohaupt & A. Hilbert
    Design, development, and evaluation of a passive RFID locator for laboratory equipment monitoring and inventory system
    J.R.L. Velayo, S.D. Moraga, M.Y. Batalla & R.P. Bringula
    Baseball pitch classification: A Bayesian method and dimension reduction investigation
    A. Attarian, G. Danis, J. Gronsbell, G. Iervolino, L. Layne, D. Padgett & H. Tran
    Categorized tip information of social media based on topic detection
    A. Nadamoto & Y. Hattori
    New information search system in social networks application to disaster event analysis
    T.T. Zin, P. Tin, T. Toriu & H. Hama
    A study on gait parameter estimation stability for the frontal view gait video data based on simulation
    K. Okusa & T. Kamakura
    Screen confronting Two-Pair Primers from typical Genetic Algorithm to improved local search-based Genetic Algorithm
    Y.-H. Cheng, L.-Y. Chuang, H.-W. Chang & C.-H. Yang


    Dr. Sio-Iong Ao finished his doctoral research in The University of Hong Kong and postdoctoral researches in the University of Oxford and Harvard University. Dr. Ao has been a visiting professor in Cranfield University, U.K. and University of Wyoming, USA.

    Prof. Alan Hoi-shou Chan is with the Department of SEEM and MBE, City University of Hong Kong. Prof. Chan is a fellow of Hong Kong Ergonomics Society, Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, and Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

    Prof. Hideki Katagiri is with the Department of Systems Cybernetics, Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan.

    Prof. Li Xu is with College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, China.