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ICOM Advances in Museum Research

About the Series

This research series, developed by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), draws on the expertise of ICOM’s worldwide network of museum professionals, representing a range of museum- and heritage-related disciplines.

Bridging theory and practice, the series addresses diverse issues of broad interest to the museum field and is of relevance for institutions around the world, featuring contributions by representatives of a range of cultures. Focusing on different types of museums and diverse fields of activity within the museum, the titles in the series will provide useful and thought-provoking insights for today’s museum professionals. Its multi-perspective approach ensures its relevancy for academics, researchers and students of museology. The behind-the-scenes glimpses offered into the state of the field will also appeal to the general museum-going public.

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Communities and Museums in the 21st Century Shared Histories and Climate Action

Communities and Museums in the 21st Century: Shared Histories and Climate Action

1st Edition

Edited By Karen Brown, Alissandra Cummins, Ana S. González Rueda
August 18, 2023

Communities and Museums in the 21st Century brings together innovative, multidisciplinary perspectives on contemporary museology and participatory museum practice that contribute to wider debates on museum communities, heritage, and sustainability. Set within the context of globalisation and ...

The Future of Natural History Museums

The Future of Natural History Museums

1st Edition

Edited By Eric Dorfman
October 12, 2017

Natural history museums are changing, both because of their own internal development and in response to changes in context. Historically, the aim of collecting from nature was to develop encyclopedic assemblages to satisfy human curiosity and build a basis for taxonomic information. Today, with ...

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