1st Edition

III-V Nitride Semiconductors Applications and Devices

By Edward T. Yu Copyright 2002
    714 Pages 75 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The concepts in this book will provide a comprehensive overview of the current state for a broad range of nitride semiconductor devices, as well as a detailed introduction to selected materials and processing issues of general relevance for these applications. This compilation is very timely given the level of interest and the current stage of research in nitride semiconductor materials and device applications. This volume consists of chapters written by a number of leading researchers in nitride materials and device technology addressing Ohmic and Schottky contacts, AIGalnN multiple quantum well laser diodes, nitride vertical cavity emitting lasers, and ultraviolet photodetectors. This unique volume provides a comprehensive review and introduction to application and devices based on GaN and related compounds for newcomers to the field and stimulus to further advances for experienced researchers.

    1. Ohmic Contacts to GaN
    2. Characterization of Schottky Contacts on Nitride Semiconductors
    3. Integration of GaN with Dissimilar Substrate Materials by Wafer Bonding and Laser Liftoff
    4. Spontaneous and Piezoelectric Polarization in Nitride Heterostructures
    5. AIGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors
    6. Two-dimensional Electron Gas Transport Properties in Nitride Heterostructures Field Effect Transistors (HFETS)
    7. Electron Transport in Wide-bandgap Semiconductors and Heterostructures
    8. Gan Metal-semiconductor Field-effect Transistor
    9. Piezoelectric Effect in Group III Nitride Based Heterostructures and Quantum Well Structure
    10. AIGaInN MQW Laser Diodes
    11. Blue Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers and InGaN Quantum Dot Laser
    12. III-Nitride Based UV Photodetectors
    13.III-Nitride-Based UV Photodetectors
    14. AIGaN UV Photodetectors


    Yu, Edward T.