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Materials and the associated fields of minerals and mining are indispensable to modern society. To optimise our consumption of materials, to minimise the impact of mining, and to ensure disposal of used materials in a responsible way it is more than ever essential to fully understand their production, properties, applications, and alternatives. The IOM3 Publications Series seeks works on a range of topics relevant to materials, minerals & mining science and engineering in the 21st century as societies around the world evolve to meet the universal challenges of awareness, sustainability, adaptability, and responsible use. Experts from industry, research institutes, and academia are invited to submit proposals for books within the fields of materials science, minerals, and mining, especially those focused on providing commentary on or solutions to contemporary societal issues, such an energy, the environment, healthcare, and emerging topics in automation, AI, and machine learning.

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Recycled Aggregate Concrete Technology and Properties

Recycled Aggregate Concrete: Technology and Properties

1st Edition

By Natt Makul
April 26, 2023

Recycled Aggregate Concrete (RAC) as a sustainable material is gaining increasing importance in the construction industry. This book discusses properties, specifications, and applications of RAC and offers readers insight into current research and advances in the development and utilization of RAC....

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