6th Edition

ISO 9001:2015 for Small Businesses

By Ray Tricker Copyright 2017
    678 Pages 172 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    678 Pages 172 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Small businesses face many challenges today, including the increasing demand by larger companies for ISO 9001compliance, a challenging task for any organisation and in particular for a small business without quality assurance experts on its payroll. Ray Tricker has already guided hundreds of businesses through to ISO accreditation, and this sixth edition of his life-saving ISO guide provides all you need to meet the new 2015 standards.

    ISO 9001:2015 for Small Businesses helps you understand what the new standard is all about and how to achieve compliance in a cost effective way. Covering all the major changes to the standards, this book provides direct, accessible and straightforward guidance. This edition includes:

    • down-to-earth explanations to help you determine what you need to enable you to work in compliance with and/or achieve certification to ISO 9001:2015;
    • a contextual explanation of ISO 9001 within the structure of ISO 9000 family of standards;
    • a detailed description of the structure of ISO 9001:2015 and its compliance with Annex SL;
    • coverage of the new requirements for Risk Management and Risk Analysis;
    • a guide to the costs involved in implementing ISO 9001:2015 and advice on how to control costs;
    • an example of a complete, generic Quality Management System consisting of a Quality Manual plus a whole host of Quality Processes, Quality Procedures and Word Instructions; and
    • access to a free, software copy of these generic QMS files to give you a starting point from which to develop your own documentation.

    This book is also supported with a complete bibliography containing abbreviations and acronyms as well as a glossary of terms. This comprehensive text will provide you and your small business with a complete guide on your way to ISO compliance.

    1. What Is The Importance Of Quality To Small Businesses?  2. What Is The Background To ISO 9000?  3. The Process Approach  4. What Is a Quality Management System  5. The Structure of ISO 9001:2008  6. Example Quality Management System  7. Self-Assessment  8. What Are The Costs Involved In An Organisation Obtaining Registration To This Standard?


    Ray Tricker (MSc, IEng, CQP-FCQI, FIET, FCMI, FIRSE) is currently working as the Senior Management Consultant for Herne European Consultancy Ltd – a company specialising in offering organisations access to a range of highly skilled and specialist consultants to help these companies enhance their business performance.

    ‘Ray’s practical and easy to use book is full of helpful illustrations, hints, advice and a fully customizable example Quality Management System. This guide saves the small business owner valuable time and money. Excellent!’ - D.M. Belair, CAO, Kawartha Controls

    ‘There are many ISO 9001:2015 books out there but this book by Ray is the one for quick, simple and to the point explanations that a non ISO specialist can understand and implement. Even better is the fact that this book is generic and there are forms and templates that you can download to enable you to create the entire ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System yourself, no matter what business you’re in. This book is invaluable in helping you understand and create all aspects of the ISO 9001 QMS. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this book for any business or person wanting to take up the challenge to understand and create their own ISO 9001:2015 QMS.’ - Szilvia Parkinson, Plantastic Rail UK Ltd.