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IT Pro Practice Notes

About the Series

The IT profession is fast paced and high-pressure as IT managers need to stay current with ever-changing technology. They have little time to read and when they do read, they need content that delivers maximum knowledge with minimal time commitment. They want content that is focused and to the point. They also need content that helps them stay on top of an ever-growing range of topics. IT managers not only need to be technology experts, but they also need to be masters at management.

Concise and practical, the IT Pro Practice Notes Series is designed to help IT professional stay on top of the current state of practice in the IT field. These short and focused titles look at core concepts and cutting-edge topics. The goal is to help IT professionals to refresh and expand their practical knowledge about technology and management. The series will have a broad scope covering both technology and management. It will cover basics for professional who need to quickly learn about fundamentals of an area to which they are new. It will also cover trending and upcoming topics to meet the life-long learning needs of IT professional who want to stay competitive in their careers.

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Practical Guide to IT Problem Management

Practical Guide to IT Problem Management

1st Edition

By Andrew Dixon
May 12, 2022

Some IT organisations seem to expend all their energy firefighting – dealing with incidents as they arise and fixing, or patching over, the breakage. In organisations like this, restarting computers is seen as a standard method to resolve many issues. Perhaps the best way to identify whether an ...

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