1st Edition

Ia Antigens Volume I: Mice

By David Ferrone Copyright 1982

    The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a ready source of information regarding Ia antigens in several animal species.The significance role played by the gene products of I regions in cell-cell interactions has stimulated interest in the characterization of Ia antigens. Through the effort of several investigations much information about the functional and structural properties of Ia antigens has been accumulated in recent years.

    1. Biochemistry of the Murine Ia Antigen 2. Tissue Distribution and Cellular Expression of Ia Antigens 3. Monoclonal Antibodies Against Murine Ia Antigens: Studies on Structure, Function, Epitodes, and Idiotypes 4. Functional Characterization of Hybrid Ia Antigens 5. Murine Ia Antigens: Studies Using Hybrid and Mutant Mice 6. Carbohydrate Ia antigens in Mouse and Man 7. Functional Properties of 1 Region Gene Products and Theories of Immune Response (Ir) Gene Function 8. Interspecies Cross-Reactions of Murine Anti-Ia Alloantibodies