1st Edition

Ian Nish - Collected Writings

By Ian Nish Copyright 2001

    Developed in close collaboration with Ian Nish, this book contains a wide and substantial cross-section of writings, thematically structured around essays in the special areas of Anglo-Japanese Alliance.

    Chapter 1 The Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1902–23: Triumphs and Tribulations; Chapter 2 Japan Reverses the Unequal Treaties: The Anglo-Japanese Commercial Treaty of 1894; Chapter 3 John Harrington Gubbins, 1852–1929; Chapter 4 Britain and the Sino-Japanese War, 1894–5; Chapter 5 British Foreign Secretaries and Japan, 1892–1905; Chapter 6 Japan’s Indecision During the Boxer Disturbances; Chapter 7 It? Hirobumi in St Petersburg, 1901; Chapter 8 Naval hinking and the Anglo-Japanese Alliance 1900–04; Chapter 9 Alliance and Empire; Chapter 10 Hayashi Tadasu, 1850–1913; Chapter 11 Sir Claude and Lady Ethel MacDonald; Chapter 12 Komura Jutaro and Britain; Chapter 13 Dr G. E. Morrison and Japan; Chapter 14 Australia and the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1901–11; Chapter 15 Admiral Jerram and the German Pacific Fleet, 1913–15; Chapter 16 Japan and the Outbreak of War in 1914; Chapter 17 German-Japanese Relations in the Taish? Period; Chapter 18 Dr Morrison and China’s Entry into the World War, 1915–17; Chapter 19 Japan and the Ending of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance; Chapter 20 Britain and the Ending of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance; Chapter 21 Crown Prince Hirohito in Britain, May 1921; Chapter 22 Frank Ashton-Gwatkin, 1889–1976; Chapter 23 The Leadership of Admiral Kat? Tomosabur?; Chapter 24 Japan and Naval Aspects of the Washington Conference; Chapter 25 Anglo-Japanese Alliances;


    Ian Nish