1st Edition

Ideas and Methodologies in Historical Research

By Vladimer Luarsabishvili Copyright 2023

    This book explores the versatile nature of historical methodology and its use in interdisciplinary research. Based on the historical overview of the appearance of one sort of historical ideas and disappearance of another, the book aims to demonstrate a wide range of possibilities of research in the field and to show how the pursuit of historical truth may facilitate the formation of collective memory and how the application of research tools can explain events in the contemporary world.

    1. Objective of methodology. Specialized normative rules and types of their reconstruction. Methods and theories of historical studies. Three types of historical method. Historical epistemology and historical methodology. Rankean empiricism, and the New History. Post-empiricism and post-positivism. Historical discourse. Subjectivity and ideology.

    2. What is historical Past? The difference between historical and practical past. The works of Michael Oakeshott

    3. Structuralism and Post-structuralism

    4. Memory studies. Social amnesia

    5. Archive as an institution of active memory

    6. Post-memory and Ectopic literature. The works of Marianne Hirsch and Tomás Albaladejo. The Gulag and the Gupvi

    7. Narrative. History as literature: The works of Hayden White. History as narrative: The works of Paul Ricoeur. History as Practice: The works of Michel de Certeau

    8. Microhistory. The Italian school of microhistory



    Vladimer Luarsabishvili is a Professor of the School of Politics and Diplomacy at New Vision University. He has founded a book series Rethinking Society. Individuals, Culture and Migration (NVU Press, 2020) and edited Rethinking Mamardashvili. Philosophical Perspectives, Analytical Insights (Leiden, Brill, 2022).