1st Edition

Ideas into Politics Aspects of European History 1880- 1950

    First Published in 1984, Ideas into Politics contains new and exciting research on the ideologies that have shaped twentieth century Europe. It presents a rich spectrum of work, looking at reactionary and progressive ideas, at popular and official ideas, and at culture, artists, scholars and political thought. It examines the content of ideologies and how they were translated into political activity and explore ideas and politics in all the major countries of Europe, and takes into consideration the most important ideas from North America. This is an interesting read for scholars and researchers of modern history, political history, European history and history in general.

    James Joll 1. The ‘Orthodox’ Marxists: First Generation of a Tradition David W. Morgan 2. British and German Reactions to the Rise of American Power Paul Kennedy 3. When Death was Young…: Germany, Modernism, and the Great War Modris Eksteins 4. Foreign Office Views, Germany and the Great War Zara Steiner 5. Mass Culture and the State in Germany, 1900-1926 Robin Lenman 6. Industry as a Political Factor in the Weimar Republic H. Pogge Von Strandmann 7. Nazism and Eugenics: The Background to the Nazi Sterilization Law of 14 July 1933 Jeremy Noakes 8. The Art of the Impossible: German Military Policy between the Wars David Schoenbaum 9. Injustice and Resistance: Barrington Moore and the Reaction of German Workers to Nazism Tim Mason 10. Charles Maurras and the True France H. R. Kedward 11. Roman Dmowski and Italian Fascism Antony Polonsky 12. The Factory as Society: Ideologies of Industrial Management in the Twentieth Century Charles S. Maier 13. The Other Germany-The ‘Neo-Liberals’ Anthony Nicholls 14. Ideas into Politics: The Case of Ludwig Erhard Volker Berghahn 15. An Idea enters Diplomacy: The Schuman Plan, May 1950 Roger Bullen A Bibliography of the Writings of James Joll Contributors Index


    R.J. Bullen, H. Pogge von Strandmann, and A.B. Polonsky