1st Edition

Identities, Boundaries and Social Ties

ISBN 9781594511325
Published January 15, 2006 by Routledge
284 Pages

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Book Description

Identities, Boundaries and Social Ties offers a distinctive, coherent account of social processes and individuals' connections to their larger social and political worlds. It is novel in demonstrating the connections between inequality and de-democratization, between identities and social inequality, and between citizenship and identities. The book treats interpersonal transactions as the basic elements of larger social processes. Tilly shows how personal interactions compound into identities, create and transform social boundaries, and accumulate into durable social ties. He also shows how individual and group dispositions result from interpersonal transactions. Resisting the focus on deliberated individual action, the book repeatedly gives attention to incremental effects, indirect effects, environmental effects, feedback, mistakes, repairs, and unanticipated consequences. Social life is complicated. But, the book shows, it becomes comprehensible once you know how to look at it.

Table of Contents

Illustrations Preface PART I: Introduction Chapter 1: Ties that Bind...and Bound PART II: Relational Mechanisms Chapter 2: Violent Conflict, Social Ties, and Explanations of Social Processes Chapter 3: Mechanisms in Political Processes Chapter 4: Do Unto Others PART III: Inequality Chapter 5: Durable Inequality Chapter 6: Relational Origins of Inequality Chapter 7: Changing Forms of Inequality Chapter 8: Unequal Knowledge PART IV: Boundaries Chapter 9: Social Boundary Mechanisms Chapter 10: Chain Migration and Opportunity Hoarding Chapter 11: Boundaries, Citizenship, and Exclusion PART V: Political Boundaries Chapter 12: Why Worry about Citizenship? Chapter 13: Inequality, Democratization, and De-Democratization Chapter 14: Political Identities in Changing Polities Chapter 15: Invention, Diffusion, and Transformation of the Social Movement Repertoire References Index Credits About the Author

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“The book’s 16 essays gather, systematize, and present Tilly’s most salient ideas in one handy location. They contain major schemas about political processes, especially how these processes link to establishing, maintaining, and crossing boundaries.”
—Barry Wellman in American Journal of Sociology

"A compelling examination of central problems in social organization and comparative politics....Ideal for introducing the arguments of some of Tilly's books to students in brief, accessible form."
—Paul DiMaggio in Contemporary Sociology