1st Edition

Identity-Conscious Practice in Action Shaping Equitable Schools and Classrooms

By Liza Talusan Copyright 2025
    128 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    When teachers and leaders implement an identity-conscious practice, they can provide a more responsive and responsible learning environment. Unfortunately, avoiding the impact of identity can create problematic and oppressive conditions in schools.  

    So how do we lead with an identity-conscious lens? Award-winning author Liza Talusan provides real-world scenarios that educators can work through to apply an identity-conscious practice. Talusan helps educators grapple with three key questions: 1) How do I build knowledge about scenarios that involve identity? 2) How do my own thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs contribute to inequitable conditions? 3) What actions can I implement in my classroom/meeting spaces to align with principles of equity and justice? 

    Readers explore these questions through case studies on race, class/socioeconomic status, religion/faith, disability, sexual orientation, gender, language, and age. With the book's numerous real-world examples, Talusan makes the concept of an identity-conscious practice more tangible, so you feel ready and empowered to implement it day-to-day in your own practice. 



    Outline of the book  

    About the author  

    Part I: An introduction to an Identity-Conscious Practice  

    1. Why identity matters in schools  

    2. The foundations of an identity-Conscious practice       

    3. Talking about identity  

    4. Examining our Biases  

    5. Beginning your Identity-Conscious Practice  

    Part II: Implementing an Identity-Conscious Practice  

    6. Conflicts and Risks in an Identity-Conscious Practice  

    The Four I’s  

    7. Building Habits for an Identity-Conscious Practice: What now? What next?  

    8. Guidelines for Reflection and Conversation  

    Critical Check Ins  



    Peer Learning Groups  

    Part III: Case Studies for Building an Identity-Conscious Practice  

    9. Case Studies on Race  

    Case 9.1: A Separate Affinity Group  

    Case 9.2: The National Guard  

    Case 9.3: A Place for Affinity  

    Case 9.4: The Research Project  

    Case 9.5: A Parent and Administrator Clash  

    10. Case Studies on Socioeconomic Status  

    Case 10.1: The Birthday Party  

    Case 10.2: The Payscale  

    Case 10.3: Difference Within  

    Case 10.4: The Soup Kitchen  

    Case 10.5: Art Supplies  

    11. Case Studies on Religion/Faith  

    Case 11.1: Song Choice and Choir  

    Case 11.2: The Dining Hall  

    Case 11.3: Read Aloud  

    Case 11.4: World Events  

    Case 11.5: Freedom to Express  

    12. Case Studies on Disability  

    Case 12.1 Recommendations for Employment  

    Case 12.2: The Theater Performance  

    Case 12.3: Neurodiversity and Staffing  

    Case 12.4: THE ASSESSMENT  

    Case 12.5: Increased Stress  

    13. Case Studies on Sexual Orientation  

    Case 13.1: The First  

    Case 13.2: Isolation  

    Case 13.3: Everyone Says It  

    Case 13.4: Health Education  

    Case 13.5: Waiting to Respond  

    14. Case Studies on Gener and Gender Identity  

    Case 14.1: A Girl on the Team  

    Case 14.2: Transitioning  

    Case 14.3: Bathrooms and Access  

    Case 14.4: The Group Project  

    Case 14.5: Disclosing Names and Pronouns  

    15. Case Studies on Language  

    Case 15.1: A Way to Connect  

    Case 15.2: The Email  

    Case 15.3: Must Speak English  

    Case 15.4: The Rubric  

    Case 15.5: The Competition  

    16. Case Studies on Age  

    Case 16.1: Set in my Ways  

    Case 16.2: A Word in the Meeting  

    Case 16.3: A New Assistant Director  

    Case 16.4: The Parent Group  

    Case 16.5: Someone to Mentor  

    17. Conclusion  

    References List 


    Dr. Liza Talusan is an educator, speaker, leader, writer, coach, and parent. She has over 27 years of experience in PreK-20 education and is currently a faculty member in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her book, The Identity Conscious Educator: Building habits and skills for more inclusive schools, published by Solution Tree Press, is the 2023 Gold Medal Recipient of IPPY Awards.