1st Edition

Identity as a Foundation for Human Resource Development

Edited By Kate Black, Russell Warhurst, Sandra Corlett Copyright 2018
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    Human Resource Development (HRD) involves the design, delivery and evaluation of learning and/or training interventions within organisations to improve the work performance of individuals and groups. This edited collection will demonstrate the potential of identity theorising for problematizing and reconceptualising HRD activities. Identity will thus be established as a foundation for enhancing HRD policy and practice.

    While identity has emerged as a key focus for theoretical debate and for empirical research within management and organisational studies, the potential of identity as a new paradigm for understanding learning and for examining HRD more broadly is still emergent. That identity has such potential can be seen in the increasing recognition that training and development for many contemporary occupations represents nothing less than a "project of the self".

    Identity as a Foundation for Human Resource Development will complete a gap in the market providing sound, single source, theoretical foundations from the latest trends in identity theorising, now a key area of organisation studies, and apply these to HRD policy and practice.  The emphasis throughout will be on informing HRD policy and practice, research and education the book includes a chapter on resources and techniques for HRD educators.  In short, the book will "put identity to work" for HRD scholars.

    The intended audiences are Human Resource Development scholars, academics, students and professionals, this exciting new volume will provide a thoughtful theoretical analysis and operational practise for modern HRD.

    1. Introduction: HRD – In search of identity

    Russell Warhurst, Kate Black and Sandra Corlett

    PART 1 : Theoretical Lenses

    2. Identity as a Foundation for Human Resource Development (HRD)

    Peter McInnes, Sandra Corlett, Christine Coupland, Jerry Hallier and Juliette Summers

    3. Subjectivity and Human Resource Development: A Quest for Intersubjectivity

    Stephen Billett

    4. Examining Career Pathing through the Lens of Identity Theories

    Kristin M. Schnatter, Jason J. Dahling and Samantha L. Chau

    5. Optimal Distinctiveness and Human Resource Development

    Amy E. Randel, Christopher D. Zatzick and Jone L. Pearce

    PART 2: Critical Theoretical Lenses

    6. Power and Self-identity: Positive Psychology Applied to Human Resource Development

    Matthew McDonald, David Bubna-Litic, Arthur Morgan, Susan Mate and Lan Thi Nguyen

    7. Queer Theory Meets HRD Research and Practice

    Nick Rumens

    PART 3: Methodologies for Working with Identity

    8. Methods for researching identity in HRD

    Kate Black and Russell Warhurst

    9. Repertory Grid Technique as a Useful Tool for Assessing Identity and Identity Change in HRD

    Rosalía Cascón-Pereira

    PART 4: Empirical Applications of Identity in HRD Research

    10. Becoming a software professional: Tensions in transitions

    Jacob Vakkayil

    11. Exploration of Identity Conflict During Post-merger Integration

    Catherine Olusanmi

    12. Coaching as a Liminal Space: Exploring Use of Theatre in Management Training and Development

    Sara Zaeemdar



    • Dr. Kate Black is an Associate Professor at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK.

    • Dr. Russell Warhurst is an Associate Professor at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK.

    • Dr. Sandra Corlett is a Principal Lecturer at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK.