1st Edition

Ideology and International Relations in the Modern World

By Alan Cassels Copyright 1996

    Cassels offers a novel perspective on the part played by ideology in international relations over the past two centuries. His treatment is not restricted to the familiar totalitarian ideologies of communism and nazism, but also includes conservatism, liberalism and nationalism. The focus and emphasis given to ideology in an historical survey of such broad scope make this book unusual, and even controversial.

    Introduction; Chapter 1 Raison d’état meets the Enlightenment; Chapter 2 The birth of ideology; Chapter 3 Conservatives, liberals and nationalist ideology; Chapter 4 Ideology and Realpolitik; Chapter 5 Ideology and mass democracy; Chapter 6 Ideology and the Great War; Chapter 7 Enter total ideologies; Chapter 8 A second global conflict; Chapter 9 Ideology and global politics; Chapter 10 Conclusion;


    Alan Cassels is Emeritus Professor of History at McMaster University, Canada. He is also the author of Fascist Italy (1985) and Italian Foreign Policy, 1918–45 (1991).