If We Build It : Scholarly Communications and Networking Technologies: Proceedings of the North American Serials Inte book cover
1st Edition

If We Build It
Scholarly Communications and Networking Technologies: Proceedings of the North American Serials Inte

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ISBN 9781560244509
Published May 13, 1993 by CRC Press
344 Pages

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Book Description

Help lay the foundation for the future of scholarly communication with these informative chapters on new information technologies and predictions for developments in the publishing industry. If We Build It, the proceedings from the 7th annual conference of the North American Serials Interest Group, stresses that the time to prepare for the revolution and phenomenal growth in electronic technology is now.

This groundbreaking book addresses important questions about the future that libraries need to answer today such as: What will change for serials librarians, vendors, and publishers as ink and paper become the oddity and electronic transmitters and receivers become the norm? What services will be in demand and who will provide them? Which economic models will keep them afloat? Most importantly, can the disparate groups currently active in scholarly communication work together to build the physical, social, and economic backbone of a new model?

If We Build It is an invaluable guide to the future of serials librarianship. It describes new technologies, predicts how the publishing industry will develop in the near future, and explores how the library may evolve within a new system of scholarly communication. Just a few of the exciting topics covered in these proceedings include the development of standards for networking technologies, the shift from ownership to access in libraries as a result of electronic information, the history of scholarly communication, copyright of electronic data, higher education in the 1990?s, marketing in libraries. A unique perspective on issues of cooperation between librarians, scholars, and publishers is provided by the inclusion of a joint conference day with the Society for Scholarly Publishing. If We Build It is an energizing look at the new possibilities for libraries and a call to strengthen structures and work together to build a solid future for libraries within the future of scholarly communication.

Table of Contents


  • Announcements: NASIG Conference Grant Awards
  • The Transformation of Scholarly Communication and the Role of the Library in the Age of Networked Information
  • St. Augustine to NREN: The Tree of Knowledge and How It Grows
  • Webs That Link Libraries, Librarians, and Information: Evolving Technical Standards for a Networking Age
  • Landlords and Tenants: Who Owns Information, Who Pays For It, and How?
  • Higher Education in the 90s: Growth, Regression or Status Quo
  • A Potency of Life: Scholarship in an Electronic Age
  • Professionals or Professionless, Information Engineers or ???
  • From Past Imperfects to Future Perfects
  • New Strategies for Publishing
  • A History of Journal Price Studies
  • Libraries and the Use of Price Studies
  • Index Medicus? Price Study
  • Copyright and Licensing in the Electronic Environment
  • Future Strategies for Retaining the Past
  • New Books From Old: A Proposal
  • Regional Library Networking: New Opportunities for Serving Scholarship
  • Regional Library Networking: New Opportunities for Serving Scholarship
  • Z39.1: You Just Don?t Understand! Librarians and a Publisher Discuss the Standard for Periodical Format and Arrangement
  • Marketing to Libraires: What Works? Adapting Marketing Strategy to Changes in the Library Community
  • Marketing to Libraries: What Works and What Doesn?t
  • Article Delivery: Shifting Paradigms
  • Document Delivery Vendors: Benefits and Choices
  • Electronic Networking and Serials Resources: Quotidian Applications for the Curious and the Cynical
  • Cataloging Serial Computer Files
  • Automating Binding Procedures Using INNOVACQ vs. In-House Database
  • The Footbone?s Connected to the Anklebone, or, Enumeration, Checking-in and Labeling Instructions
  • Game Shows, Elevators, Full Plates, and Other Allegories: A Look at the Present State and Future Possibilities of LC Subject Headings
  • The Changing Role of the Vendor: Developing New Products and Services
  • Check-in With the SISAC Symbol (Bar Code): Implementation and Uses for Libraries, Publishers and Automation Vendors
  • Publishing Opportunities: Getting Into Print or Getting Involved
  • Fine-Tuning the Claims Process
  • Basic Training for Survival
  • Cataloging Computer Files That Are Also Serials
  • Working Together for the Future: Librarian/Publisher/Subscription Agents
  • The Role and Responsibilities of the Professional Serials Cataloger
  • How to Plan and Deliver a Great Workshop
  • Fewer Subscriptions=Increased Library Services: How ASU and ASU West Met the Challenge
  • Managing Reference “Pseudoserials”
  • Collection Development Assessment for Biomedical Serials Collections
  • Auditing the Automated Serials Control System
  • The Cost Effectiveness of Claiming
  • Seventh Annual NASIG Conference Registrants, University of Illinois at Chicago, June 1992
  • Index

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