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Ift Basic Symposium

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Phase/State Transitions in Foods, Chemical,Structural and Rheological Changes

Phase/State Transitions in Foods, Chemical,Structural and Rheological Changes

1st Edition

By Rao
May 27, 1998

"Covers the basic and applied principles of phase/state transitions and analyzes their impact on chemical, physical, and rheological changes occurring in food during processing, preservation, and storage-offering practical insights on the most effective ways to move product development forward. ...

Food Microbiology and Analytical Methods New Technologies

Food Microbiology and Analytical Methods: New Technologies

1st Edition

By Mary Lou Tortorello, Steven M. Gendel
June 03, 1997

Covering the detection and identification of microbes, genetic analysis methods, and the assessment of microbial growth and viability, this text examines up-to-date advances in microbiological analysis unique to food systems. It highlights the advantages of modern techniques used in conjunction ...

Bioseparation Processes in Food

Bioseparation Processes in Food

1st Edition

By Singh
May 16, 1995

Offers in-depth coverage of the latest advances in new and traditional separation technologies as they are used in a variety of ways to produce value-added products. Examines both fundamental and applied aspects of separation techniques....

Water Activity Theory and Applications to Food

Water Activity: Theory and Applications to Food

1st Edition

By Rockland
May 22, 1987

This book presents the proceedings of the Tenth Basic Symposium sponsored by the Institute of Food Technologists and the International Union of Food Science and Technology. The key aim of the Symposium was to explore some basic principles relating to the influences of water activity on food quality....

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