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Superior Communication Strategies for Creating Stronger Connections

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April 6, 2021 Forthcoming by Productivity Press
216 Pages 25 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

Ignition is a book of dispatches from the frontlines of communication strategy. Matthew Moseley draws on his eclectic life experiences to investigate the link between success and effective communication. Whether he's choreographing a fine dining experience at the top restaurant in America, using rock stars to register voters, helping a national chain save its reputation after a gaffe goes viral, or serving as media liaison at the epic ash-blast send-off for author Hunter S. Thompson, Moseley identifies the principles that guide communication strategies toward their goals. In extensive interviews with a wide variety of experts, including authors, fighter pilots, business leaders, politicians, and astrophysicists, Moseley tests these principles, teases out new, provocative ideas, and anticipates how forming stronger connections will help us address today's greatest challenges. Though it tackles serious subjects, offers an illuminating perspective on the evolution of human discourse, and shares important insights on interpersonal relations, Ignition is also a good, fun read. A broad range of colorful anecdotes gives this book of philosophical wisdom and practical advice the zest of a juicy memoir.

Table of Contents



About the Author

Introduction: Blast Off

Part One 

Communication from the Beginning: History and Philosophy

  1. Spark
  2. Controlling Your Environment
  3. Meaning Out of the Mire
  4. Public Opinion: A Brief Primer on Public Affairs
  5. Rule of Reaction
  6. Friction
  7. State of the World: Desperate as Usual
  8. The Red Baron Meets the Buddha 
  9. Decision Making
  10. Working the Room

Part Two

Communications Planning and Implementation

  1. Where Are You Going?
  2. Reason and Emotion in Stories
  3. Messaging and Movements
  4. Hero's Journey: A formula for how to tell a good story
  5. Anatomy of a Butterfly: Inside the Microsoft campaign
  6. Good as Gold: Power of Metaphor


  1. Date in the New Bacon: Targeting
  2. Our Digital World
  3. Holy Trinity: Time, Money and People
  4.  Rocking the Vote

Ignition Communications Planning Template 


Part Three



  1.  Days of Action
  2. Participant, Not Spectator
  3. Ash Blast
  4.  Your Rock, Your World

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Matt Moseley is Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at dovetail solutions. He has spent his career at the intersection of public policy, business and government and has managed many public affairs projects and campaigns for organizations and companies. He is also an author and world record adventure swimmer. Since 2005, Moseley has been in private practice as a communications strategist and consultant for companies and organizations. He has had many high-profile clients including the Colorado Education Association, American Rivers, Aurora Economic Development Council, Xcel Energy, AFL-CIO, Colorado Association of Realtors, Loveland Strategic Partnership, Redbarre, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and many others. Moseley was hired by Johnny Depp to be the family spokesperson and communications director for Hunter S. Thompson’s funeral and ash-blast. He also led the successful campaign to free Lisl Auman from a life sentence for felony murder. He wrote a book about the effort called, “Dear Dr. Thompson: Felony Murder, Hunter Thompson and the Last Gonzo Campaign.” Moseley served as the communications director for the Colorado Senate under President Joan Fitz-Gerald. He was a press officer for the United States Olympic Committee at the 2004 games in Athens, Greece, where he wrote numerous articles for national publications and was “Our man inside the Olympics” for The Denver Post. He was the national field director for Rock the Vote in Los Angeles. In 1998, he served as the deputy press secretary under White House communications director Mike McCurry for the Denver Summit of the Eight (G7 Summit). He has a master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He serves on the board of the Inland Ocean Coalition and was appointed by the Boulder City Council to the Transportation Advisory Board. He is a frequent public speaker, writer and spokesperson on issues for the press. Moseley has completed four world record adventure swims. On June 11, 2014, he completed the first-ever solo swim crossing of Lake Pontchartrain, for 25 miles in 14 hours and 56 minutes, which was made into a documentary by Emmy-winning filmmaker Wayne Ewing called “Dancing in the Water.” On May 28, 2015, he made the first swim crossing from the island of Culebra to Fajardo, Puerto Rico, for 24 miles in 12 hours, 1 minute, 55 seconds. In late July 2015, he did the first-ever swim through Canyonlands National Park on the Colorado River for 47.5 miles in 13 hours 56 minutes, which was acknowledged by Outside Magazine. In July 2017 he completed the first swim from the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico for 24 miles that was profiled in Men’s Journal.


Moseley is no stranger to the discreet charms of the press corps.

  • The Washington Post  

If I’m ever busted for something I never did, I want Matt Moseley’s number sewn into my underwear.

  • Sam Kashner, Author, Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair

Matthew L. Moseley's Ignition is a smart and witty manifesto that skillfully illuminates the art of winning over public sentiment. Every page crackles with hard-earned wisdom. Highly recommended!

  • Douglas Brinkley, Katherine Tsanoff Brown Chair in Humanities; Professor at Rice University;  author of Cronkite.  

Ignition is a must-read for anyone who wants to harness the power of communication and understand the strategic process to make words more powerful and persuasive. Moseley not only shares with you how he achieved successes in the communications field but even more importantly the wisdom he learned from the obstacles he experienced. Ignition is an essential field manual for communications strategy!”

  • Rosalind Wiseman, co-founder of Cultures of Dignity: New York Times'  bestselling author of Queen Bees & Wannabes (adapted as the movie Mean Girls)  

Moseley serves up an insightful, witty, and fast-paced guide to practical tactics and techniques for communicating better to the world around us. Told through a memorable cast of characters, his hard-earned wisdom will speak not only to communications professionals but also to organizational leaders and everyday people looking to make an impact with their words. Take a seat, grab a bowl of gumbo, and dig in!

  • Colleen Scanlan Lyons, Ph.D, Anthropologist, author, professor, University of Colorado, Boulder  

Ignition is a fascinating journey with Matthew Moseley as our guide helping us understand the relationship among words, actions, and music and how it all relates to us in ways that we don't just understand, but also FEEL. Like Marshall McLuhan long ago, Mosely opens up doors and takes us to new vistas where we can study how we are influenced by our surroundings and how we, in turn, can influence others. Using his considerable gifts as a storyteller, he has created an enjoyable book that makes you THINK!!! In addition to being a fun read, IGNITION serves as a textbook for studying this world of communication and as a guide to making a better one.

  • David Amram, Composer: Author, Pull My Daisy  

Moseley provides little nuggets of wisdom about how we can better communicate with each other and ultimately be more successful in all endeavors, both personal and professional. Required reading for anyone managing an organization.

  • Suzanne Stoller, Director of People Operations, Google  

Matt Moseley is a true communications savant. In his newest book, Moseley pulls back the curtain on all things related to communications strategy — from the philosophical paradigms on which we make decisions to the granular details of execution. Ignition offers a masterful blend of story, cultural and historical examination, as well as the research behind how we communicate as individuals, companies, and societies. This book is a must-have tool for any organizational or community leader who is dedicated to truly influencing their audience. 

  • Michael Diettrich-Chastain, Author, Changes: The Busy Professional’s Guide to Reducing Stress, Accomplishing Goals and Mastering Adaptability; Founder and CEO, Arc Integrated