1st Edition

Ilan Manouach in Review Critical Approaches to his Conceptual Comics

Edited By Pedro Moura Copyright 2024
    266 Pages 35 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book takes an interdisciplinary and diverse critical look at the work of comic artist Ilan Manouach, situating it within the avant-garde movement more broadly.

    An international team of authors engages with the topic from diverse theoretical approaches, from traditional narratology and aesthetic close readings of some of Manouach's books, engaging with comics' own distinctive history, modes of production, circulation and reception, to perspectives from disability studies, post-colonial studies, technological criticism, media ecology, ontography, posthumanist philosophy, and issues of materiality and media specificity.

    This innovative and timely volume will interest students and scholars of comic studies, media studies, media ecology, literature, cultural studies, and visual studies.


    Introduction: A Critical Situatedness of Comics

    Pedro Moura

    Part 1: Textuality and Surfaces

    1. Katz, Noirs & Tintin akei Kongo: Ilan Manouach’s Critical Manifesto

    Xavier Guilbert

    2. Ilan Manouach’s Abrégé de bande dessinée franco-belge: Ontography and the Past and Future of Stories

    Simon Grennan

    3. Whitewashing the Smudge. The Politics of Erasure and Unreadability in Ilan

    Manouach’s Cascao

    Ana Matilde Sousa

    4. The Void that Challenged Narrative: A Poetics of Emptiness in Riki Fermier

    Greice Schneider

    5. Replacing and Reorganizing: A Discursive Arc about Cultural Production

    Lorenz Ohrmer

    Part 2: Reading Practices

    6. Reading Childly: Riki Fermier and Cascao

    Maaheen Ahmed

    7. Disability, Comics and the Shapereader

    José Alaniz

    8. Shapereader and the Limits of Touch

    Ian Hague

    9. Blanco: On Blank and Illegible Books

    Moritz Küng

    Part 3: Rethinking the Pasts and the Futures of Comics

    10. Manouach Contrabandier: Countering Practices to Industrial Publishing.


    11. Haunted by Tradition: Ilan Manouach and the Ghosts of BD Past

    Barbara Postema

    12. [CoCo]: Conceptual Comics and Online Archives

    Benoît Crucifix

    13. Can Comics Think? Automation on The Cubicle Island

    Daniel Worden

    14. Ilan Manouach: The Comic Book Hacker

    Maria Clara da S. R. Carneiro and Lielson Zeni

    Afterword: Like a Robot Bereft of Its Function

    Xavier Löwenthal


    Pedro Moura is an independent scholar, teacher, and comics scriptwriter from Lisbon, Portugal. He holds a PhD from the University of Lisbon and KU Leuven.