1st Edition

Ilizarov Technique for Complex Foot and Ankle Deformities

    Addressing foot lengthening, metatarsal lengthening, and lengthening of bone stumps of the foot, this reference reveals advanced methods of correcting foot deformities using the Ilizarov technique. Topics span approaches to the equines foot, hindfoot deformities, adduction, the cavus foot, artrorsi, arthrodesis, multi-component foot deformities and more.

    The Equinus Foot; Hindfoot Deformities; Treatment of Adduction or Abduction Forefoot Deformity; The Cavus Foot; Multi-Component Foot Deformities; Artorsi; Arthrodesis; Foot Lengthening; Lengthening of Bone Stumps of the Foot; Metatarsal Lengthening; Congenial Longitude Deficiency of the Fibula; Treatment of Axial Deviations of the Tibial Pilon; Treatment of Burn Contractures.


    Alexander Kirienko, Angelo Villa, Jason H. Calhoun