1st Edition

Illiberal Liberal States Immigration, Citizenship and Integration in the EU

By Elspeth Guild, Kees Groenendijk Copyright 2009

    Understanding the dynamics of the illiberal practices of liberal states is increasingly important in Europe today. This book examines the changing relationship between immigration, citizenship and integration at the European and national arenas. It studies some of the main effects and questions the comprehensiveness of the exchange and coordination of public responses to the inclusion of third country nationals in Europe, as well as their compatibility with a common European immigration policy driven by a rights-based approach and the respect of the principles of fair and equal treatment of third country nationals. The volume reviews key national experiences of immigration and citizenship laws, the use of integration and the 'moving of ideas' between national arenas. The framing of integration in immigration and citizenship law and the ways in which policy convergence is being achieved through the EU framework on integration raises a number of conceptual dilemmas and a set of definitional premises in need of reflection and consideration.

    Contents: Understanding the contest of community: illiberal practices in the EU?, Elspeth Guild, Kees Groenendijk and Sergio Carrera. Part I Citizenship and Integration: The European Union: Political rights and multilevel citizenship in Europe, Jo Shaw; Passing citizenship tests as a requirement for naturalisation: a comparative perspective, Gerard-René de Groot, Jan-Jaap Kuipers and Franziska Weber; European citizenship: a tool for integration?, Zeynep Yanasmayan. Part II Citizenship and Integration: The National Arenas: The impacts of EU enlargement on nation building and citizenship law, Judit Tóth; Justifying citizenship tests in the Netherlands and the UK, Ricky Van Oers; Dual citizenship as an element of the integration process in receiving societies: the case of Slovenia, Barbara Kejzar; Religious citizenship as a substitute for immigrant integration? The governance of diversity in Austria, Julia Mourão Permoser and Sieglinde Rosenberger. Part III Immigration and Integration: The European Union: Doing and deserving: competing frames of integration in the EU, Dora Kostakopoulou, Sergio Carrera and Moritz Jesse; Missing in action: effective protection for 3rd-country nationals from discrimination under Community law, Moritz Jesse; Free movement as a precondition for integration of 3rd-country nationals in the EU, Sara Iglesias Sánchez; Access to social assistance benefits and Directive 2004/38, Paul Minderhoud. Part IV Immigration and Integration:The National Arenas: Integration and immigration: the vicissitudes of Dutch 'Inburgering', Leonard F.M. Besselink; Liberal states - privatised integration policies?, Ines Michalowski; The integration agenda in British migration law, Bernard Ryan; Discrimination instead of integration? Integration requirements for immigrants in Denmark and Germany, Anja Wiesbrock; Nationality, Immigration and 'the republican integration' in France: normativisation, expansionism and externalisation, Sergio Carrera; Immigration and


    Elspeth Guild is based at the Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium. Kees Groenendijk is based at Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Sergio Carrera is based at the Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium.

    Rated as 'Research Essential' by Baker & Taylor 'There are two contrasting approaches to the integration of migrants in the European Union: for EU citizens it is achieved through freedom of movement and a privileged legal position, while third country nationals now often have to pass integration tests for family reunion, permanent residence and naturalisation. Illiberal Liberal States provides the most comprehensive analysis and critique of this contradictory approach so far. This timely book deserves to be read widely by academic researchers and policy-makers.' Rainer Bauböck, European University Institute, Florence, Italy 'This book contains a wealth of useful, up-to-date information for legal experts and academics.' Journal of Contemporary European Studies '...the editors are to be applauded for bringing together not only such an excellent group of scholars but also for bringing all contributions together in a very well-focused and extensive study of an important new policy trend in the field of immigration and citizenship.' Acta Politica