1st Edition

Illuminating the Diversity of Cancer and Palliative Care Education A Complete Resource for EMQs & a Complete Resource for MCQs, Volume 1 & 2

By Lorna Foyle, Janis Hostad Copyright 2010

    Illuminating the Diversity of Cancer and Palliative Care Education examines a myriad of original approaches, techniques, methods, educational strategies and imaginative innovations within this vital field of medicine. Its contributors share a range of educational techniques and tactics from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to creative teaching strategies for bereavement support, allowing readers to reflect on best practice and inventive ways of working which can be used or adapted to suit. This book is an ideal companion to its sister volumes Innovations in Cancer and Palliative Care Education and Delivering Cancer and Palliative Care Education.

    Teaching Communication Skills to Cancer and Palliative Care Professionals: questions, challenges and debates. Cancer Tales: a communication teaching tool. Telling Stories in Cancer and Palliative Care Education: enigmatic, infinite mystery or trusted teaching technique? Finding Human Masterpieces: progressing cancer and palliative care education through neuro-linguistic programming. Treasures in Clay Jars: working with critical companionship. Reflective Practice in Cancer and Palliative Care Education. Learning and Teaching Critical Thinking Skills. Has Advanced Nursing Practice the Potential to Become the Sword of Damocles? Integrating Knowledge, Skills and Compassion to Reconfigure a Cancer Service: a managerial perspective. Issues in Research Teaching and Learning: what should we focus on? Memoirs from a Parallel Universe. Dr Who and the Cyber Nurse: compassion or competence? The Teaching of Suffering and Hope in Cancer and Palliative Care Education. Challenges and the Importance of Teaching Law at the End of Life. Teaching Nutritional Management in Oncology and Palliative Care. User Involvement in Delivering Palliative Care Education: Beyond Rhetoric and Tokenism. Patient and Carer Education. “I have friends in the same boat”. Climbing the Mountain to Self Awareness and Self care in Cancer and Palliative Care Education Promoting Leadership by Education. The Ultimate Challenge? Teaching Notes for the Development of Highly Effective Teams in the Specialties of Oncology and Palliative Care. Managing Death in a Hospital Context. Creative Approaches to Teaching and Learning About Death and Dying. Children Should be Seen and Not Heard: ensuring that children should be heard and supported through loss and life threatening illnesses via education. The Graveyard Shift: Creative Teaching Strategies for Bereavement Support.


    Lorna Foyle, Janis Hostad