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Illustrated Clinical Cases

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Each book of the Illustrated Clinical Cases series covers a specialized area of medicine, with clinical case scenarios and some challenging questions, followed by reasoned answers. The cases are presented randomly, as in real life, and are supported by superb diagrams and photographs of the highest quality. Illustrated Clinical Cases series titles are an invaluable text for both trainees and more established doctors in continuing professional development.

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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Illustrated Clinical Cases, Second Edition

Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Illustrated Clinical Cases, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Edited By Alisa McQueen, S. Margaret Paik
November 02, 2018

This book includes 200 clinical cases which present as emergencies. Congenital and acquired conditions affecting all body systems in infants and children are covered, including allergy, abuse, burns, fractures and other trauma, feeding problems, foreign bodies, genetic disorders, infections, ...

ENT Medicine and Surgery Illustrated Clinical Cases

ENT Medicine and Surgery: Illustrated Clinical Cases

1st Edition

Edited By Jayesh Doshi, Manohar Bance, Simon Lloyd
July 09, 2018

This practical ENT reference guide includes over 100 clinical case scenarios, ranging from basic ENT issues to more challenging clinical cases, presented randomly as they would occur in real life. Each scenario includes thought-provoking questions followed by reasoned answers and is superbly ...

Clinical Haematology Illustrated Clinical Cases

Clinical Haematology: Illustrated Clinical Cases

2nd Edition

By Atul Bhanu Mehta, Keith Gomez
February 15, 2018

This fully illustrated text is an essential guide for trainees in Haematology and Medicine studying for higher examinations, as well as for professionals wishing to expand their knowledge or revalidate. The book contains over 100 illustrated cases covering the whole field of malignant and ...

Dermatology Illustrated Clinical Cases

Dermatology: Illustrated Clinical Cases

1st Edition

By William W. Huang, Steven R. Feldman, Christine S. Ahn, Robin S. Lewallen
December 12, 2016

Containing 100 challenging clinical cases illustrated with superb, high-quality images, this book covers a wide range of dermatological conditions, from the commonly occurring to those slightly rarer cases. This book is an invaluable reference for all dermatology professionals in practice and ...

Diagnosis of Non-accidental Injury Illustrated Clinical Cases

Diagnosis of Non-accidental Injury: Illustrated Clinical Cases

1st Edition

Edited By Vincent J. Palusci, Dena Nazer, Patricia Brennan
December 01, 2015

Recognition and diagnosis of child abuse and neglect creates an important foundation for the protection of children. Physicians and other healthcare providers have a fundamental role in this process, and need to be confident that they can identify correctly the signs and symptoms that provide clues...

Anaesthesia Illustrated Clinical Cases

Anaesthesia: Illustrated Clinical Cases

1st Edition

By Magnus Garrioch, Bosseau Murray
January 15, 2015

Containing 220 challenging clinical cases and illustrated with superb, high-quality images, this book covers a wide range of anaesthesia-related questions and answers from straightforward cases through to more challenging presentations. It is an invaluable text for anaesthesia professionals in ...

Thoracic Imaging Illustrated Clinical Cases, Second Edition

Thoracic Imaging: Illustrated Clinical Cases, Second Edition

2nd Edition

By Sue Copley, David Hansell, Jeffrey Kanne
June 13, 2014

The chest radiograph is a ubiquitous, first-line investigation and accurate interpretation is often difficult. Radiographic findings may lead to the use of more sophisticated imaging techniques, such as multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) and positive emission tomography. Containing 100 ...

Cardiac Imaging Illustrated Clinical Cases

Cardiac Imaging: Illustrated Clinical Cases

1st Edition

By Shahid Hussain, Jonathan Panting, Jun Kiat Teoh
May 27, 2014

There are many modalities available to image the heart and this variety and number of scan types can prove to be daunting to radiologists and cardiologists. In addition, there are the numerous devices, stents, valves and other paraphernalia which are employed in the management of cardiac disease, ...

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