1st Edition

Illustrator Foundations
The Art of Vector Graphics, Design and Illustration in Illustrator

ISBN 9780240525938
Published September 24, 2012 by Routledge
328 Pages 20 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

Whether you are creating a catchy and fun cartoon, designing a print banner advertisement, or developing content for a mobile game, save time and money with expert techniques, trips and tricks from by Adobe Certified Expert, Rafiq Elmansy with Illustrator Foundations. With practical applications and step by step tutorials, solve problems quickly to develop creative projects on time and to budget. Want to hone your Illustrator skills so you can remain competitive in a diverse market while concentrating on your vector graphics projects? Then Illustrator Foundations is for you! With real-world professional projects you'll discover how to: develop mobile applications, work with layers, masks, vector images and many more tips and tricks not found anywhere else! Harness the full Creative Suite software package with tips on how to integrate Illustrator with Photoshop and After Effects. This book is a goldmine of artistic inspiration, timesaving practical tips, tricks and step-by-step walkthroughs; you'll wonder how you survived this long without it. Put the Adobe Illustrator CS6 techniques to the test with the fully updated companion website with downloadable Illustrator source files, examples and video tutorials.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CS6

  • Introducing Illustrator CS6 and its new features
  • The anatomy of Illustrator main interface
  • Illustrator docking panels
  • Manage Illustrator workspaces
  • Working with the Illustrator resources


Chapter 02: Working with Documents

  • Creating New Documents
  • Illustrator presets and templates
  • XMP Metadata
  • Understanding Art boards
  • Working with rulers and guides
  • Working with grids
  • Working with smart guides
  • Working with document views


Chapter 03: Working with selection

  • Working with the selection tools
  • Selection with attribute or type
  • Saving selection
  • Selection beneath objects
  • Selection preferences


Chapter 04: Layers

  • Understanding the layers
  • Layer panel
  • Working with groups
  • Isolated modes


Chapter 05: Drawing in Illustrator

  • Path primitives
  • Anchor points
  • Working with paths
  • Compound paths
  • Drawing in perspective
  • Drawing with the pencil tool
  • Working with stokes
  • The Erase tool
  • Working with shapes
  • Managing the drawing task


Chapter 06: Colors and Gradient

  • Working with the color swatches panel
  • Working with transparency
  • Working with gradient
  • Working with patterns
  • Live Painting


Chapter 07: Editing artwork

  • Transforming artwork
  • Resizing, reflecting and skewing artwork
  • Alignment and distribution
  • Working with Pathfinder


Chapter 08: Objects and symbols

  • Understanding the symbols in Illustrator
  • Working with the Symbols panel
  • Managing artwork with symbols
  • Working with the Symbol Sprayer tool
  • Working wit Slice 9 feature


Chapter 09: Working with images

  • Adding images to the Illustrator project
  • Managing images
  • Live Trace


Chapter 10: Masks

  • Cropping images
  • Clipping artwork and layer contents
  • Soft edges masks


Chapter 11: Text and paragraphs

  • Point text
  • Area text
  • Working with character properties
  • Working with paragraph
  • Text on path
  • Converting text to paths


Chapter 12: Working with Effects

  • Working with the appearance panel
  • Working with object attributes
  • Live Effects
  • Working with the appearance panel
  • Graphic styles


Chapter 13: 3D and drawing in perspective

  • Understanding the perspective grids
  • Drawing in the perspective
  • Converting 2D art to perspective look
  • Working with the 3D panel


Chapter 14: HTML5 and SVG

  • HTML5 and Illustrator
  • Converting Illustrator to HTML5
  • Creating SVG content for mobile and GPS in Illustrator


Chapter 15: Saving and Exporting

  • Saving the Illustrator document
  • Creating PDF from the Illustrator document
  • Exporting Illustrator files


Chapter 16: Creating web content in Illustrator

  • Converting your Illustrator design to web content
  • Using the Slice tool
  • Exporting web content


Chapter 17: Integration with Adobe CS6 applications

  • Integration with Photoshop
  • Integration with Flash
  • Integration with After Effects

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Rafiq Elmansy is a graphic designer for 10 years with background in traditional art and sculpture. His experience in graphic design includes working in different design projects as well as creative directing. He runs his own design company Pixel Consultations. He is also an Adobe Community Professional, Adobe Certified Expert and the founder and manager of the Adobe user group in Egypt (AUGE). Rafiq is also part of the Adobe Prerelease Program. Rafiq Elmansy is an author in the graphic and design field, his articles are published in Adobe design and developer center, Adobe Edge magazine, communitymx.com and his design blog www.graphicmania.net. Recently, he becomes a Friend of Icograda (the International Council of Graphic Design Associations).

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