1st Edition

Imaging from Cells to Animals In Vivo

Edited By Margarida Barroso, Xavier Intes Copyright 2021
    370 Pages 76 Color & 78 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    370 Pages 76 Color & 78 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    370 Pages 76 Color & 78 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Imaging from Cells to Animals In Vivo offers an overview of optical imaging techniques developed over the past two decades to investigate biological processes in live cells and tissues. It comprehensively covers the main imaging approaches used as well as the application of those techniques to biological investigations in preclinical models. Among the areas covered are cell metabolism, receptor-ligand interactions, membrane trafficking, cell signaling, cell migration, cell adhesion, cytoskeleton and other processes using various molecular optical imaging techniques in living organisms, such as mice and zebrafish.


    • Brings together biology and advanced optical imaging techniques to provide an overview of progress and modern methods from microscopy to whole body imaging.

    • Fills the need for a comprehensive view of application-driven development and use of new tools to ask new biological questions in the context of a living system.

    • Includes basic chapters on key methods and instrumentation, from fluorescence microscopy and imaging to endoscopy, optical coherence tomography and super-resolution imaging.

    • Discusses approaches at different length scales and biomedical applications to the study of single cell, whole organ, and whole organism behavior.

    • Addresses the impact on discovery, such as cellular function as implicated in human disease and translational medicine, for example in cancer diagnosis.

    Section I: Overview of Imaging Methods and Instrumentation

    Chapter 1: Fluorescence microscopy techniques

    MS Ozturk and R Prevedel

    Chapter 2: Intra-vital microscopy

    M Perro, JG Goetz, and A Peixoto

    Chapter 3: An introduction to live-cell super-resolution imaging

    S Culley, PM Pereira, RF Laine, and R Henriques

    Chapter 4: Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography: Technologies and Applications,

    D Li and X Li

    Chapter 5: Bioluminescence

    M Conway, T Xu, A Brumbaugh, A Young, D Close, and S Ripp

    Chapter 6: Macroscopic Fluorescence Imaging,

    ATN Kumar

    Chapter 7: Optical Coherence Tomography

    R Dsouza and SA Boppart

    Chapter 8: Multiscale Photoacoustic Imaging

    T Wang and S Hu

    Chapter 9 : Fluorescence Lifetime: Techniques, Analysis & Applications in the Life Sciences

    J Chacko, MAK Sagar and KW Eliceiri


    Section II: Imaging cellular behavior

    Chapter 10: Imaging cell metabolism

    R Cao, H Wallrabe, KH Siller, and A Periasamy

    Chapter 11: Intravital imaging of cancer cell migration in vivo

    D Entenberg, MH Oktay, and J Condeelis

    Chapter 12: Imaging cellular signaling in vivo using fluorescent protein biosensors

    CA Reissaus, RN Day, and KW Dunn

    Chapter 13: Imaging cell adhesion and migration

    C Mondal, J Di Martino and JJ Bravo-Cordero

    Chapter 14: Imaging the living eye

    BT Soetikno, L Beckmann, and HF Zhang

    Section III: Whole-organ and whole-organism imaging

    Chapter 15: Heart imaging

    L Sacconi and C Crocini

    Chapter 16: Visualizing hepatic immunity through the eyes of intravital microscopy

    MA Freitas-Lopes, MM Antunes, R Carvalho-Gontijo, E Carvalho, and GB Menezes

    Chapter 17: Optical imaging of the mammalian oviduct in vivo,

    S Wang and IV Larina

    Chapter 18: Immune system imaging

    MJ. Hickey and MU Norman

    Chapter 19: Brain imaging in live mice

    M Fukuda, K Ozawa, and H Hirase

    Chapter 20: Live imaging of zebrafish

    Y Wan, PJ Keller, and B Höckendorf

    Chapter 21: Whole-body fluorescence imaging in cancer research

    MV Shirmanova, DV Yuzhakova, MM Lukina, AI Gavrina, AV Meleshina, IV Turchin, and EV Zagaynova

    Chapter 22: Large-scale fluorescence imaging in neuroscience

    R Prevedel


    Margarida Barroso is a Professor at the Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Albany Medical College (Albany, NY).

    Xavier Intes is a Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department and Co-Director of the Center for Modeling, Simulation and Imaging for Medicine (CeMSIM),at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, U.S.).