1st Edition

Immanuel Kant Critical Assessments

Edited By Ruth Chadwick
    by Routledge

    This collection brings together many of the most influential criticisms of Kantian philosophy, from his own time to the present day. Volume I is historical, including Kant criticism from Schiller to Buchdahl. It contains some previously untranslated material. Volumes II, III and IV include recent essays on Kant, covering the major aspects of his work. Volume II looks at the Critique of Pure Reason, Volume III at Kant's moral and political philosophy, and Volume IV at the Critique of Judgement and the relation of the third Critique to the other two. The volumes will be of great value to anyone with a serious interest in Kant's philosophy.


    Ruth Chadwick is Lecturer in Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Applied Ethics at the University of Wales, College of Cardiff. She is the author of Ethics, Reproduction and Genetic Control: Revised Edition (Routledge, 1990).