1st Edition

Immigrants and the Informal Economy in Southern Europe

Edited By Joaquin Arango, Martin Baldwin-Edwards Copyright 1999

    Illegal immigrants constitute a major issue in southern European countries. This book is the first piece of published research in this area and gives a comparative analysis of southern European immigration policies. Detailed accounts of each country's pattern of informal immigrant employment are located within a broader setting of contemporary immigration controls.

    Where free markets reign - aliens in the twilight zone, Martin Baldwin Edwards; a survey of the economics of illegal migration, Andreas Jahn, Thomas Straubhaar; illegality, enlightenment and ambiguity - a hot Italian recipe, Giovanna Zincone; the mass legalization of migrants in Italy - permanent or temporary emergence from the underground economy? Emilio Reyneri; immigrants in the Spanish labour market, Ubaldo Martinez Veiga; Italian and Spanish labour leaders' unconventional immigration policy preferences, Julie R. Watts; multicultural insertions in a small economy - Portugal's immigrant communities, David Corkill, Martin Eaton; immigration, clandestine work and labour market strategies - the case of the construction sector in the metropolitan region of Lisbon, Jorge Macaista Malheiros; Greece - the contours of a fragmented policy response, Martin Baldwin-Edwards, Rossetos Fakiolas; socio-spatial dynamics and exclusion of three immigrant groups in the Athens conurbation, Theodoros Iosofides, Russell King; trafficking for sexual exploitation and the sex business in international migration in the case of Italy, Giovanna Campani.


    Joaquin Arango, Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    'An important contribution to the understanding and ongoing discussion of these very important and politically sensitive issues.' - Ethnic Conflict Research Digest