1st Edition

Immigration and Welfare Challenging the Borders of the Welfare State

Edited By Michael Bommes, Andrew Geddes Copyright 2001

    Immigration and Welfare avoids simplistic and unhelpful notions of the 'threat' of immigration to analyse the effects of immigration on national welfare states in an integrating Europe. It explores new migration challenges, such as asylum seekers and Europe's increasingly restrictive immigration policies, and looks at the implications of such debates for immigrant and immigrant-origin communities across Europe.

    1. Introduction: immigration and the welfare state Michael Bommes and Andrew Geddes 2. Looking in three directions: migration and the European welfare state in comparative perspective Keith G. Banting 3. Welfare state and territory Jost Halfmann 4. European welfare state transformation and migration Magnus Ryner 5. The Marshallian tryptic reordered: the role of courts and beureaucracies in furthering immigrants' social rights Virginie Guiraudon 6. National welfare state, biography and migration: labour migrants, ethnic Germans and the re-ascription of welfare state membership Michael Bommes 7. Immigration and the politics of rights: the French case in comparative perspective James F. Hollifield 8. Denying access: asylum seekers and welfare benefits in the UK Andrew Geddes 9. Europeanising the reception of asylum seekers: the opposite of welfare state politics Roland Bank 10. Immigrants' social citizenship and labour market dynamics in Portugal Maria Ioannis Baganha 11. Temporary transnational labour migration in an integrating Europe and the challenge to the German welfare state Uwe Hunger 12. 'Thin Europeanisation': the social rights of migrants in an integrating Europe Andrew Geddes 13. Unexpected biographies: deconstructing the national welfare state? Valérie Amiraux 14. Conclusion: defining and redefining the community of legitimate welfare receivers Michael Bommes and Andrew Geddes


    Michael Bommes, Andrew Geddes