1st Edition

Immunoassay A survey of patents, patent applications and other literature 1980-1991

Edited By B. Salomons, J. Sigmond, M. Terpstra Copyright 1993

    This book presents the results of a comprehensive study of literature on patents, patent applications and other literature, such as journal articles. The survey covers literature published from the United States, Japan and Western Europe between January 1980 and April 1991.

    Non-antigen specific methods, apparatus and kits for immunoassay. Enzymatic methods, kits, strips and dipsticks. Enzymatic methods. Kits, strips and dipsticks for the enzymatic methods. Reagents for enzymatic immunoassay methods. Instruments and devices for conducting enzymatic immunoassay. Fluorescence methods, reagents, kits and instruments therefore. Fluorescence immunoassays. Reagents for fluorescence polarization immunoassay. Kits and instruments for fluorescence immunoassay. Luminescent, optical and colorimetric immunoassay methods. Luminescence. Optical and colorimetric methods. Radioimmunoassay. Other methods and means, combined methods. Reagents for various immuno-reactions.
    Immuno specific methods and means. Tumours. Venereal diseases. HLTV. Gonorrhoea/syphilis. Herpes. Hepatitis. Diabetes. Rheuma. Allergies. Heart disease. Pregnancy. Urine. Thyroid. Interferon. Bacteria. Fungi. Testing cattle. Miscellaneous.
    Devices. Apparatus. Strips and kits; designs for various immunoassay purposes. Tubes. Miscellaneous.
    Immunoassay bibliography. List of patentees.


    B. Salomons, J. Sigmond, M. Terpstra