Immunogold-Silver Staining : Principles, Methods, and Applications book cover
1st Edition

Immunogold-Silver Staining
Principles, Methods, and Applications

Edited By

M. A. Hayat

ISBN 9780849324499
Published August 3, 1995 by CRC Press
304 Pages

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Book Description

This book discusses the principles, methods, and applications of immunogold-silver staining (IGSS) to biomedical areas. It focuses on the latest advances in the dynamic and progressive field of IGSS.

Table of Contents

Trends in Autometallographic Silver Amplification of Colloidal Gold Particles, G. Danscher, G.W. Hacker, C. Hauser-Kronberger, and L. Grimelius
Silver Staining Techniques with Special Reference to the Use of Different Silver Salts in Light and Electron Microscopical Immunogold-Silver Staining, G.W. Hacker, G. Danscher, L. Grimelius, C. Hauser-Kronberger, W.H. Muss, A. Schiechl, and J. Gu, O. Dietze
A Method for Monitoring the Extent of Silver Intensification of Colloidal Gold Staining, A.E. Kalyuzhny, R. Elde, and H.H. Loh
Comparison of Embedding Media for Immunogold-Silver Staining, T. Krenács, and L. Krenács
Silver Enhancement of Nanogold and Undecagold, J.F. Hainfeld and F.R. Furuya
Use of TEM, SEM, and STEM in Imaging 1 nm Colloidal Gold Particles, Y.-D. Stierhof, R. Hermann, B.M. Humbel, and H. Schwarz
Quantitative Evaluation of Immunogold-Silver Staining, J. Gu, M. Forte, N. Carson, G.H. Hacker, M. D'Andrea, and R. Rufner
Rapid Cooling and Freeze-Substitution for Immunogold-Silver Staining, P. Monaghan
Thin Cryosections and Immunogold-Silver Staining, L. Bastholm and F. Elling
Microwave Fixation and Microwave Staining Methods for Microscopy, G.R. Login and A.M. Dvorak
Microwave-Aided Binding of Colloidal Gold-Protein Substance P, C.H. Taban and M.M. Cathieni
Increased Sensitivity for Detection of Immunogold-Silver Staining with Epipolarization Microscopy, K. Gao and A.W. Gao
Application of Gold Toning to Immunogold-Silver Staining, R. Arai and I. Nagatsu
Preembedding Immunocytochemistry with Silver-Enhanced Small Gold Particles, R.W. Burry
Visualization of Microtubules with Immunogold-Silver Staining and Backscattered Electron Microscopy, D. Goode
Preembedding Immunogold-Silver Staining of Plasma Membrane-Associated Antigens, G.C. Manara, C. Ferrari, L. Badiali-De Giorgi, and G. Pasquinelli
Immunogold-Silver Staining of Fungal Microorganisms, J.C. Cailliez and E. Dei-Cas
Immunogold-Silver Staining of Viral Antigens in Infected Cells, A. Marchetti and G. Bevilacqua
Nonmicroscopical Colloidal Gold Autometallography (IGSS): Use of Immunogold-Silver Staining in Blot Staining and Immunoassay, C. Hauser-Kronberger, G.W. Hacker, E. Arrer, and G. Danscher
Application of an Image Analyzer to Immunogold Labeling, H. Shimizu and T. Nagatsu

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