Immunological and Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Disease  book cover
1st Edition

Immunological and Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Disease

ISBN 9780824700928
Published March 19, 1997 by CRC Press
312 Pages

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Book Description

Written by world-renowned experts, this book addresses immunological and molecular methodologies of diagnosis as well as clinical aspects of diseases. It book discusses DNA and RNA amplification methods, explains ELISA approaches, and introduces rapid diagnosis techniques, biosensors, and flow cytometry. The book examines bacterial and parasitic infections, including M. tuberculosis, Borrelia burgdorferi, Streptococcus pyogenes, chlamydia and schistosomes, and describe viral infections such as hantaviruses, hepatitis C., cytomegalovirus, herpes virus, and HIV. It also covers syndromes with infections origins, including prions, chronic fatigue syndrome, and superantigens, and much more.

Table of Contents

Immunological and Molecular Approaches

DNA Amplification, Robert E. Farrell, Jr.
Branched DNA for Quantification of Viral Load, Judith C. Wilber
NASBA Technology: Isothermal RNA Amplification in Qualitative and Quantitative Diagnostics, Joseph W. Romano, Kimberly G. Williams, Roxanne N. Shurtliff, Christine Ginocchio, and Mark Kaplan
Concerted Use of Immunologic and Ultrastructural Analyses in Diagnostic Medicine: Immunoelectron Microscopy and Correlative Microscopy, S. E. Miller and D. N. Howell
Adsorption-Induced Antigenic Changes and Their Significance in ELISA and Immunological Disorders, J. E. Butler, P. Navarro, and J. Sun
Rapid Diagnosis of Periodontal Infections: Findings in AIDS Patients, Joseph J. Zambon
Uses of Biosensors in the Study of Viral Antigens, Marc H. V. Van Regenmortel, Danièle Altschuh, Jean Chatellier, Nathalie Rauffer-Bruyère, Pascale Richalet-Sécordel, and Hélène Saunal
Identification and Function of Host Defense Cells by Flow Cytometry, Carleton C. Stewart
Application of Flow Cytometry in Transplantation Medicine, T. Shanahan

Bacterial and Parasitic Infections

Critical Assessment of Gene Amplification Approaches on the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis, Betty A. Forbes
Borrelia burgdorferi Infection: Clinical Diagnostic Techniques, P. K. Coyle
The Toxins of Group A Streptococcus, the Flesh Eating Bacteria, Dennis L. Stevens
Diagnosis of Chlamydial Infection in the Pediatric Population, M. R. Hammerschlag
DFA, EIA, PCR, LCR and Other Technologies: What Tests Should be Used for Diagnosis of Chlamydia Infections?, J. Schachter
Molecular Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori, T. Ulf Westblom
Immunodiagnosis of Schistosomiasis, Victor C. W. Tsang and Patricia P. Wilkins

Viral Infections

The Evolution of Hantaviruses, Xinyang Zhao and John Hay
Laboratory Diagnosis of Hepatitis C, Frederick S. Nolte
Polymerase Chain Reaction Assays for the Detection of Cytomegalovirus in Organ and Bone Marrow Transplant Recipients, Mary Jo Evans, Yadira Edwards-Spring, Jean Myers, Alice Wendt, Deborah Povinelli, Daniel Amsterdam, Kate Rittenhouse-Diakun, Donald Armstrong, Brian M. Murray, Steven J. Greenberg, and Marie Riepenhoff-Talty
HTLV-Associated Diseases: Human Retroviral Infection and Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphomas, K. Fujihara, B. Goldman, A. R. Oseroff, N. Glenister, E. S. Jaffe, E. Bisaccia, S. Pincus, and S. J. Greenberg
Management of Cytomegalovirus Infection in Solid-Organ Transplant Recipients, Brian M. Murray

Syndromes of Various Infectious Origins

Immunodiagnosis of Prion Disease, R. J. Kascsak, R. Fersko, D. Pulgiano, R. Rubenstein, and R. I. Carp
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, A. C. Mawle
Superantigens: Their Role in Infectious Diseases, Dennis L. Stevens
Searching for Superantigens, P. M. Schlievert

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